April 25, 2013

Felize Nail Art -- my 1st experience on nail art.. EXCITING!!!

who's got hype today??


last friday i was invited by meganevent to their special beauty event held on PX Puri.. first, i didn't know there would be a nail art demo there.. i'm about to go home when Katherine (known as ms. Katie), one of the meganevent staff asked me to be the nail art model for the demo.. without a doubt, i nodded and sez YESSS!!!

honestly i never do anything fancy with my nails.. i even never went to manicure or pedicure before.. i just simply put nail polishes on and that's it.. i think my nails are too horrible so there's no hope for me, even nail art won't do anything to make it right.. sobbed!!

and i was wrong.. here's the pictures..

this is Felicia.. the owner of Felize Nail Art.. 
she did the simple manicure and nail art all by herself.. so it's a VIP treatment.. yeayy, lucky me.. 

honestly i was embarrassed when she looked at my "virgin" nails at the first time.. hope she didn't threw up inside or anything.. haha..

my BEFORE, ugly nails.. after cleaned and manicured a lil' bit..

she cutted my nails to an even length and put some fake nails..
her fake nails are so light and soft, felt like wearing your own nails.. wow!!

she used this 4 nail polishes to made mine..

this is what we've got so far, after applying the nail polishes..
she made this cool gradations of silvers, owhhh GLAMAZONE alreadyy..

but wait, she's not done yet..
geez, just when i thought i couldn't be more shock with the way my hand looked like right now...

then she putted the NAIL ART stuff on me.. just like a handicraft, patiently, she putted the compound little by little to made a very pretty flowers.. just like clay magic..

 after finished with all fingers, she put a gel top coat and put my nails under UV light so all the fancy studd won't move even if i put a fight with someone.. ^_^
hope not..

the uv lights..

and tadaaaaa.. the end result..

oh gawdd.. i wanna cry.. this is a miracle..
i wanna remarried wearing this gorgeous nails.. #wink to my hubby.. LOL!!

and another pics, me and lovely Felicia..

this is her booth on the beauty bazaar..
let's take a tour..

nail art samples

she also sell "ready stock" nail arts.. order it online with custom sizes and it'll be delivered to you.. as simple as that.. you just have to glued it on your nails using her special glue as well..

you have no idea how hard that glue is.. AWESOME POWER!!

for more info and appointments, you can check out her FACEBOOK PAGE..

or contact her :

Handmade nail art. special & original designed by Ms. Felicia Irene
www.felizenailart.webs.com | Order : Text / Whatsapp : (+62) 082 123 888 728
Our Nail Art collection is specially designed & carefully hand-made.

another cam-whore stuff.. ^^

thanks a lot Felicia for this marvelous experience.. now i think i'd be addicted to nail arts.. i love it and changed my whole appearance.. center of attention?? sure do!!!


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