April 14, 2013

Bella Donna -- Wedding Romance Week "East Meet West" 4-7th April 2013

ahh wedding.. a celebration of love..

for couples so in loveee, marriage is a huge thing.. esp in Indonesia, when wedding is taken pretty seriously.. on certain age, women who's still unmarried will have this anxious feeling about when i'm about to get married.. no matter how independent and modern you are, you'd still get haunted with "when is your turn??" question made from everywhere.. from parents, relatives, even your married friends.. hate it? yeahh, a lot.. but this is the country you're living in.. so bear with it.. ^_^

i got lucky and got married on age 26 (last year).. i don't have a huge wedding party coz i wanted to use the fund for our honeymoon trip.. but sometimes, when i see themed wedding party that's so adorable and unforgettable, i felt like i wanna get married all over again.. the "girl" inside me still wanted a party a lil' bit.. LOL!! for me, i prefer small-intimate party.. with less than 50 closest families and friends on the beach with bare feet and comfy dress.. tiara made from wild flowers, simple bouquet and awesome food and wine.. so we could have a great time, great laughs and great food.. how's your dream wedding??

 ok.. so for those of you who have a plan to get married.. maybe next year or even this year, Bella Donna Group held another Wedding Expo this year called Wedding Romance Week "East Meet West" with Wedding Circus as the concept at Grand Indonesia from 4-7th April.. i was invited to their press conference..

they chose "Wedding Circus" as the theme this year, because of the trend of color blocking in 2013.. so, weddings could be colorful and all about fresh and fun.. and another thing is, wedding is not all about sanctity and "parents" thing, is all about YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS.. all about you, the brides and grooms.. ^_^ YOUR WEDDING, YOUR WAY...

the venue..

the press con..

L-R : Kanto Prahadi (Grand Indonesia Representative)
Diany Pranata (Founder Bella Donna Group)
Bryan Tilaar (VP Martha Tilaar Group)
Ivan Gunawan (Designer)

Mrs. Diany wore a dress designed by Ivan Gunawan..
I LOVE IT.. ^_^
it's sooooo her..

about 47 best vendors from Jakarta, Bandung and Bali participated in this event with cool offers and promotions..

what was unique is that Ivan Gunawan, instead of showing off his fab Wedding Dresses again (as themed), this year he decided to show 25 pieces of ready-to-wear clothing for the guesses.. so not only the brides and grooms could be awesome on their wedding day, but the guess could pay their respect by also looking as fab as they could be.. ^_^ smart move, Ivan..

and what inspired me the most is what ms. Diany said when she was asked about her successful business as Bella Donna Group's founder for almost 12 years.. humbly, she said that what she did, it's all about Love (loving her job) and she would never be on this position right now without the power of Love/Passion and support from her family.. family means everything to her and that's what made her strong.. and for her, a foundation of a nation came from a family.. awww..

here, Martha Tilaar Group acted as one of the main sponsor of the event.. the East Meet West theme is a chance to introduce eastern beauty through makeup, skin care and spas, everything that a couples need to prepare themselves to be ready to the fullest inside and out for their perfect wedding..

the Wedding Circus theme were translated very very perfectly by their performance..
so much fun..

the press conference ended with door prizes and as usual i never won.. sobbed.. it was a fun gathering, and i very very enjoyed the fashion show by indonesia's most talented designers such as :

Billi Tjong
Cipta Busana Martha Tilaar
Deden Siswanto
Eva Bun
Hengki Kawilarang
Intan Avantie
Ivan Gunawan
Jeanny Ang
Marga Alam
Rina W. Utami (Rumah Rama-Rama)
Rudy Chandra

here's the sneak peak...


lots of promotion, discounts and gifts were offered from this event.. if you had a chance to visit or even won their prizes and all, congrats, have a nice wedding and everlasting love ahead of you..

thanks you Bella Donna and sponsors for the great goody bag.. ^_^

XOXO.. Lot's of LOVE!!

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