April 09, 2013


hola babes all over town..

few days ago, i've received this cute package from Maybelline Indonesia.. they launches this awesome product called BB Stick.. and yes you're right, it's a bb cream in a stick form..

 i love the package.. so compact and prevent the product to spill all over your bag when you carried 'em.. ^_^

i got two shades.. Natural : which is the lighter one, and Radiance : the darker one.. i think the Natural one suited me best..

so, without further a due, let's give it a shot..

1st of all SWATCHES!!



now let's put them on...


as you can see i have some redness and large pores.. :'(

put all over face and blend well with your fingers

the formula is so nice and smooth.. it covers my imperfection nicely and build-able as well.. so if you want more coverage you could swipe it more and more..

i only use 1 layer, since i wanted a natural look today..
it covers my redness nicely and yess my pores didn't appear as large as "before".. ^_^

this product is so great, none sticky at all but gave me smooth-powdery finish, so i don't have to use powder afterwards.. well maybe a little loose powder for my nose to prevent it to get shiny too fast.. LOL!!

this is the completed look..

with flash..

actually i did a longevity test to see how long this product will stay put on my very oily skin.. as it turned out, i got oily after 3 and half hours and the bb cream slightly moved all over the place, so i need to gently used my blotted paper.. otherwise all my makeup base would gone away.. so if it sez shine-free for 12 hours, well it depends on your skin type..

see the oil.. it looked so cakey on my skin..
(i didn't put a primer or anything before, just moisturizer)

but ohh don't you worry my dear.. my buddy-blogger Endi Feng have this awesome tips on how to use this product properly depends on your skin condition.. let me sum it up for you..

1. For dry skin, try to add some of hydrating serum before hand, like MUFE HD Elixir, or MakeOver instant hydrating serum. Don't forget your eye cream and moisturizer, then apply the BBstick.

2.  And for oily faces, heard of matte makeup primer? You can try L'Oreal base magique, or some makeup junkie adore Monistat chafing gel powder.. Skip your moisturizing regime, use the primer, then the BBstick only(which BBstick has the moisturizing agents as well). Pile up those moisturizer in your daily makeup routine can causing makeup melt down real fast!

for more, just CLICK HERE..

and yess, he's totally right.. i tried his second tip and it works.. the bb stick is not goin' anywhere.. yayyy!! ^_^

so, this product is great for daily use, especially if you're a busy person and have a tight schedule.. it's so practical it made you have no excuse not to look as awesome as you could be.. and the SPF is good to protect our skin from the harmful sun.. :'(

that's it for now.. hope you like my post..



  1. bagus ya awalnya, sayang smpet cakey :( cantik <3

    1. Haha thank you yaa.. iya krn ga pk primer.. cmn moisturizer ajahh.. klo pk primer yg matte awett.. kan muka ku oily abiss hiks.. ^_^

  2. yg dipakai ci hanny shade yg mana yah?

  3. cc primer matte yang cc pake biasanya aoa ya?? maaf ce baru belajar..
    kalo misal maw make up gitu butuh apa aja ya ce??

    1. Ak pake etude house pny yg dr. Oil.. tp penasaran jg pengen cicip yg loreal base magique ituu.. ^^