March 02, 2013

Skin Condition While Expecting!!

errr... i mean a BABY.. a.k.a PREGNANT.. ^_^

Oh dear my skin.. How I'm very very mean to you..

Well, hello again readers.. Hope you're not sick yet of my 'preggo journal'.. I'm a dummies, so I made it simple and sometime stupid.. Just for laughs!! :)

Now I wanna share about my skin condition.. In normal state, I always use moisturizer each and everytime I washed my face, or at least morning and night before bed ( hada labo gokujyun and skin aqua gel ).. But during preggo, I got lazy.. So and so lazy.. And the gel structure that I loved so much, felt like putting extra moisture milk onto my face.. I hate sticky feeling even more.. So far, I haven't use anything on my face..

Maybe this pregnancy hormones aren't always have bad effects on me after all.. It also gave extra moisture naturally on my face.. On early weeks, I got pimples but not a breakout but after my body got use to the hormones, the pimples were gone, less blackheads, my pores are never enlarged, and no more dead skin.. Well, I did face scrub once in a while, but on my normal-non pregnant state, scrubbing is never good enough..

So, thank God for the moist face.. After all the fat and cranky-ness, at least I have no pimples.. One less problem to worry about.. :)

And I'm not in the mood for makeup at all, maybe just a little eyeliner and brow.. No foundation or powder whatsoever.. Got my skin detox already..

My legs on the other hand, are completely DRY.. I have a very dry body skin.. It sucks because I can't stand any sticky-ness right now and bye bye body lotion.. So my skin now pretty much snake like, so unattractive and itchy as well.. The dermatitis back on.. Darn! But we can fix 'em later when I'm not too lazy to move.. Hope so.. ;)

What's your skin condition while preggo?!

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