March 27, 2013


hello everyone..

on March 14th 2013, i was invited by Matrix Indonesia to this awesome event called Matrix Live! Hair Show.. this was the biggest hair show event that attended by more than 1700 hair stylist from all over Indonesia..

at this event, Matrix launched their latest innovation in hair coloring product called So Color..

the show started with press conference..

L-R : 

Satria Bakti -- Business Unit Manager Matrix Indonesia
Benny Cahyadi -- Marketing Manager Matrix Indonesia
Patricia Lauretta Viola -- Education Manager Matrix Indonesia
Rudy Hadisuwarno -- Hair Ambassador Matrix Indonesia
Andri Tanzil -- Matrix Education Tour (MET) Winner 2012

 MC of the day : Dave Hendrik (love the blazer, yo!!)

in this press con, we'd be able to know with more and more competition in beauty industry, people don't go to a salon as often as they used to.. back then, when you want a massage, facial, spa treatment, etc, you'd probably go to salon.. but now, with spa parlor and beauty clinic we could find almost in every area, what can we do to make salon business stayed alive?? the answer to that is HAIR COLORING..

maybe all of you would think, "hey.. i could do my own hair coloring at home using hair coloring set that's sold in every supermarket in the city.. it's cheaper anyway..".. well, people... this is where you got it wrong..

Matrix encourages hair stylist to leave the "Monochromatic" (one color only) technique and educate them with "Multidimensional"(two color or more) technique that bring more dimension and texture so hot that made the result unique and different than any others based on the client's skin color, face shape, personality, features and only the hair stylists could do those tricks..

Matrix So Color has 4 advantages :

1. optimized protection towards hair made your hair healthy even though it went through the coloring process..

2. easy application.. the color could be predicted and 100% reliable..

3. covers white hairs 100%..

4. result : beautiful, shiny, healthy hair and color that would lasts..

Matrix So Color comes with 21 shades (warm, cool, neutral, brown & red) and it's suitable for asian people.. this product completed with Kera-Protect technology and a very affordable price.. huh!! awesome and affordable.. so intriguing.. ^_^


so, kera-protect gives you 360degreess all around protection to your hair, so costumers doesn't have to be afraid that their hair will be damaged and dull after coloring..

Kera = Keratin.. it's a protein layer on your hair that's naturally there, but could fade away because of chemical process such as coloring, rebonding etc.. so kera-protect technology from Matrix could prevent the keratin loss from your hair and exchange the protein that's already gone..

MET (Matrix Education Tour)

MET is a program to educate hair stylist all over Indonesia, even covers small cities to teach them about hair coloring techniques and creativity to made them more independent, build a great business and grow along with Matrix towards success.. on 2013, MET will be held in 20 cities and also covers Jambi, Palangkaraya, Kudus, Pacitan, Lombok and Kupang..

ok then, after the press con the Hair Show begin..

 the awesome opening dance act..

and after show, we've got hair battle by Darek Wierzbicki, Gunawan hadisuwarno dan Rudy hadisuwarno.. man, you gotta see their techniques in cuttting and styling.. it was JAW DROPPPING!!!!

and like always, i love the FINALE WALK.. the all awesome hair styles comin towards you like a cool breeze full of style.. i got the best seat ever, so i could show you the best angle and all..


my point of view.. ^_^
i was seated next from the VIPs.. (accidentally.. oops!!)

 final result of hair battle.. less than 10 minutes for cutting and styling..

L-R, Creation of :

Gunawan Hadisuwarno

Darek. W

Rudy Hadisuwarno

ok that's it for now.. thanks a lot Loreal Hair and Matrix for inviting me to this gorgeous event.. sure got new experience and insights..



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