March 09, 2013

Glamour "Dark Red" Makeup..

well.. hellow againn!!

as promised from my prev post that i'd do some LASH SLAP makeup, i'd decided to use my awesome Sariayu Eyeshadows Koleksi Lasem for the glam dark red look.. 

here's how...


 put the drak red shadow on your eyelid, slightly wing it..

add some black eyeshadow (my fave one is from PAC) on the outer V.. like what i've pointed there.. then blend it well..

place the fuschia shadow (the awesome shocking pink) above the red-black shadows (on your crease) and blend it well where the two colors meet so there will be no harsh edges..

place the light pink shadow as a highlight under your brow and the inner corner of you eyes.. to give more lights to it..

don't forget to put the dark red shadow under your eye as well so you'd look more edgy.. ^_^

 yess yesss and yesss!! the important part.
slightly winged EYELINER..
here i was using Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Black..

this is what the eye makeup look so far..

now for the lashes....

curl your lashes first.. this is a very important step esp. if you have lashes that grew downwards..

put a huge amount of mascara (about 3-4 layers)..
i wanted this look to be dramatic.. ^_^

add some falsies, here i was using Wink and Kiss all natural..

 put the glue on, wiggle it a bit and blow a little so it'd be not to wet..

apply gently on the very top of your natural lashes..

finished eye makeup..
so sorry for the gulp on my under eye lashes, i was in a hurry so i guess it was my bad.. :'(

when i shut my eyes, you could see my natural lashes are peeking through the fake ones..
this All Natural false lashes are so lightweight and thin (yeah, that's what natural is all about, right?!).. i love how it felt on my sensitive eye.. the real hair made it so light as air.. it feels like wearing your own lashes..

so tips for using this natural look lashes :

1. i think for me, i need to top it of with the All Glamour false Lashes or another pair of All Natural.. so it'll be thick enough..


2. i shouldn't wear thick mascara.. i mean for natural look you could go for only 1 coat or even the transparent one..


3. use the black mascara after you put your lashes on.. so the thickness will matched.. but i love my lashes and wanted it to lasts.. using mascara on the false lashes make it even more dirtier.. and cleaning it could be a pain.. i got trouble for only cleaning the glue and the eyeliner excess.. 

*lazy me.. (-__-")

so, this is the final result, with flash..

o mann.. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

hope you guys love it as well.. for more info about Wink and Kiss false lashes, you can check out my previous blog..

see ya!! ^_^



  1. aw aw,,cantik banget ya merahnya :).
    wajahmu jadi seger bener dear :). Like it :D

  2. Dear hanny,

    Makasih untuk tipsnya,, kamu keliatan cantik dan cerah wajahnya dengan warna tersebut.
    Ditunggu FOTD berikutnya yaaa
    Salam kenal

  3. @osalon thanks for the compliment.. appreciate it.. love your blog and web.. ^_^

  4. Dear hanny,

    Makasih karena sudah mau mampir ke web dan blog kita ;)

    Love your blog too ^_^