February 06, 2013

Sebastian Gunawan's La Route De La Soie Fashion Show 2013

Uhh ohh.. This is exciting!!!

So couple of weeks ago on friday, I was invited to this awesome event.. The Sebastian Gunawan Fashion Show.. It was held at Hotel Mulia.. This event held annually, every year near the Chinese New Year day.. Well, you know why.. because this is a CHEONG SAM La Route De La Soie ( Silk Road ) themed Fashion Show..

i love Seba's collection since like forever.. but i never dreamed i'd ever watched his show live.. this was amazing and i hope you were there too..

I got the invitation from Loreal as one of the sponsor.. Thanks a lot for that..

 gosh!! even the invitation card was fancy.. Seba sure got the "taste"..

the dress code however, was cheong sam.. well, i'm 5 months preggo and can't even find the right clothes that fits me.. so, i tried my best to be as cheong sam as possible.. LOL!

so.. here we go..

OOTD.. (with fat belly)

well.. the stripes on my blue cardigan made it more "oriental".. ( i hope ).. ^_^
and Chinese new year is always go with RED.. so, found one that fits me.. yay!


smokey eyes as usual..

and here's more photos..

me with Carissa and Gabrielle.

and this is the ambiance at the fashion show.. so cool!! 
can't help to squeak all the way.. this was exciting!!!

So, let's cut the chase and enjoy the clothes..

 Cute yet Elegant..


so glamorous.. red carpet vibe..

 this black one screams SEBA!! it's sooo him..

 Fun Colors..
Cheong Sam doesn't have to be red and Boring..

 Love the Blue on the sides..

Ok, so for few pics, I have to steal from internet because the lighting on the runway was enormous and my camera couldn't handle it.. Plus the models were walking sooo fast.. Hope I have an SLR, sobbed!!

 look a this.. he's a GENIUS!! *hysteric..

 dear, hubby.. please get me one.. ;p

 those models made me wanna stop eating, they're gorgeous and had this mysterious-cool aura..

 well, his cheong sam design each years made me change my mind about this kinda clothing.. he made traditional into fabulous.. i have not enough thumbs to point up to him..

 the show ended with Seba himself walk down the runway..
i almost burst in tears..

And I had a chance to take pics with Seba himself.. Woww!!

so, that day i finally got a chance to see his fashion show, talked to him for a while and took pictures

It was a fun day.. Best day of my life.. A dream came true to watch his fashion show live.. Thanks a lot Loreal and thank God for the opportunity..


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