February 18, 2013

NYX Black Label Lipstick in BL 101 HOT PINK

yummy yummy pinky..

haha.. hello everyone..

today i wanna share this NYX lipstick that i love.. i usually into nude lipstick or a natural pink ( nude pink ) one.. but after saw some hot pinks lips on runway models ( with neon makeup and everything ), i tried to give this one a shot.. result? instant Fabulous-ness..

i actually bought this lipstick a while ago, but i never wore it.. no self confidence though.. but lately, my hormonal pregnancy tends to built those up unlimited-ly... ^_^ ( mmm.. AKA shameless.. )..

no flash..

this lipstick's consistency is soft and moist.. suitable for my sensitive lips that tends to dried out if using matte lipstick.. -__-'

with flash

swatches on lips..

i use this lipstick with simple winged eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow color, since i wanted the lip color to pop!
i really really love this color.. saw this wore by Nicky Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Osblourne, etc..
they looked awesome and so do I.. ^_^ LOL!

hope you like my post and give it a shot.. i promised you, you'd be the center of attention.. but use it properly, girls!! right time, right place, right outfit and a slight of confidence and you're good to go..

tips : you can make the "shocking pink" a little less shocking by using lip concealer, nude lipstick or nude lip liner before the pink lipstick then blend them altogether..


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