February 06, 2013

LOREAL BB Max UV Perfect

( this post should be publish about 5 months ago.. i got pregnant and totally forgot about this one.. it stayed on my draft for quiet sometime.. well, let's publish 'em.. ) ^_^

heyy heyy heyyyy..

this is a confession of a BB CREAM addict!! haha..

just bought this product last week and tried 'em out.. because i'm a huge fan of BB cream and Loreal is a pretty awesome drugstore brand, why don't we give it a shot..

so, here's my new baby..

 i actually love the packaging, it's lightweight but also elegant.. with SPF 50.. it's got all the wonders we need..

they promised you this 10 awesome things..

 the Loreal Indonesia's spokes person : Dian Sastro.. i've noticed about her since junior high since she was the winner of this teenage magazine pageant thingy.. 
she looked HOT in this picture and after gave birth (yeah she's also a mom), she looks even more FABULOUS!! such an inspiration that's women at any age and status NEEDS to look as good as she could be.. 

the color seemed too bright at first but it quickly melt and blend on to your skin easily, it gave a good coverage for my redness..


see the redness, pimples and birthmarks? so annoying..

 i applied it using Sigma F80.. i LOVE this brush..
must have..


you see, this product are awesome for covering the redness, probably good as a base.. however i don't like the finish.. it's kinda sticky and it made my skin looked pale as hell, i mean the finish result probably too white.. i need to add more colors like pinkish pressed powder to made it OK..

Love the SPF though.. it has SPF 50, so it'll protect your skin from the sun..

i just don't like the sticky feeling, and i think this product not quiet suitable for oily combination skin like me.. it worked well on my mom, which has a dry skin.. but she hated the "pale" thingy..

for people with darker skin shade, you should be careful and blend the bb cream thoroughly, or it'll be a white cast on you and we don't want that, right!! blend it also to your neck, ears and don't forget the back of your neck as well..

for IDR 130.000-ish retail price, i think i won't re-purchase this.. ^_^

ok that's it for now.. have a great day..


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