January 30, 2013


Dear my readers..

Gosh!! Sorry for the longggg pause of my blog post.. It's been what?? I think almost 5 months since the last time I posted something.. Geez! How I miss to blog..

So, last October, I just found out I got preggo (5 weeks).. Kinda creepy, because me and hubby weren't really ready for this.. Well, one day we do and the other day we don't.. Like that.. My hubby asked me to do the test because he found me acting weird.. 1st with all the usual symptoms of pregnancy and 2nd because all of sudden, I have a very huge interest in Gardening.. Yeah, you didn't get me wrong.. Gardening.. As in cleaning bushes, planted new plants, watering everyday.. I never did that before.. Ha! Weird!

Actually, couple months before that October, I got the "symptoms" already.. Like nausea, headache, weakness, etc.. So then I did few tests, but it came out negative.. And yeah, no matter how Un-Ready you are, you'd probably felt disappointed.. Well, at least that's how I feel back then.. Just like one episode on Friends I think on season 8, when Rachel did her test, it came out + but Phoebe said it was - to see her reaction to that.. Turned out she got quiet disappointed, even burst in tears.. And that's how she found out that she was Ready.. ;)

1st trimester been a roller coaster.. The 1st two weeks (5th-7th week)  was fun, just a little nausea, small headache and large appetite.. And I thought, wow, this pregnancy would be easy.. Ohh hey darling, I was wrong.. On my 8th weeks, the challenge begun.. HUGE nausea, HUGE headache, and HUGE everything.. The doctor said I got night sickness, see, maybe I was half vampire.. LOL!!

So every night, after dinner, I'd be hangin' on the edge of my bathroom threw up all the way, all my meal.. And it hurts so bad.. I got severe bowel problem, and this throw up thing, made it worse.. It probably tore my gut, so I everytime I got hungry or ate something, I felt like stabbed on the inside.. So, I can't sleep, can't eat, and hunger made it worse.. Oh and plus the throw ups.. Then I became this cranky monster, who just crying all the time, cannot do anything, just laying in bed for almost 3 months.. My goodness, those hormones imbalance were killing me inside, SLOWLY.. Depressed? OF COURSE!

Ow, and another weird thing, I can't stand plain water.. Got me nausea everytime I drank water.. So, I just drank juices (the ultra sweet ones), jasmine tea (probably everything that's inside a Tetra Pack.. And here I am got more and more paranoid about gestation diabetes.. So, depressed and paranoid got me.. Not the best combination..

oh no!! gaining weight..

Ok, you'd probably already sick to hear me whine and whine.. Last whine, I promise.. Haha.. My friends thinks that my baby would be pretty "green", because I can't stand to be near anything with bright colored screens, signals etc.. Such as : computers, cell phones ( from ordinary, smart, mostly android.. ).. God, all the headaches.. So bye bye connection and bye bye internet.. Sobbed!

Oh yeah about the weight.. When I found out I'm on 5th week of pregnancy, I was 52 kgs.. Gosh that quiet large, I used to be 47-48.. Then on my 16th week (4th month) I gained 3 kgs.. So it's 55 now.. Argh! But my doctor and my hubby said it was normal.. Gaining 1 kg each month is how it should be and it's good for the baby's nutrition sake etc.. So now I tried to no longer worries about my fat fat fat (use to have ocd bout my weight though..).. But, I love my baby more, and little fat won't hurt me.. With hard work ( hopefully ) I could get ideal again after finished breast feeding.. Fingers crossed!!

They said it's normal to gained about 9-14kgs while pregnant.. So I hope I'd still hangin' on that range.. Haha..

Ok, enough for now.. Till we meet again on Trimester II.. Smooch!!!




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