September 12, 2012


hi everyoneee..

today i'm in a total hyperactive mode.. why?? because finally, i have what i've wished for since 2010.. A PERFECT ROYAL BLUE eyeshadow or eyeliner.. and now i've got it..

mannn, you have no idea how crazy happy i am right now, even my hubby afraid i'd break the keyboard.. HYPED!!!! ;)

ok, now it's your turn to DROOL... let me present to you, my baby, my love, my life.... SugarPill loose eyeshadow in Royal Sugar..

i knew this product from youtube gurus.. they use it on makeup tutorials and it was love at 1st sight.. this royal sugar darling bringing me back to life.. mannn!!! 

arghhh!! the pigmentation..
i should stop screaming, i'd wake up the babies.. (mmm, neighbor's) and the parents as well..

mini - SWATCH

and enough about the product.. it's ME TIME now... haha...

oh yeahh.. just admit it, babes.. you guys probably hate me right now.. ;)

ps : i didn't use any eyeshadow base, even makeup.. just the sugar pill on my upper lid and black eyeliner on my lower waterline..

 do you see my eyes?? i almost cry in happiness.. you have no idea!!!

with flash..

this product actually is kinda pricey, IDR150K-ish each.. but it's worth every penny..the pigmentation, the consistency , it's teeny tiny spark so it's not as drag as glitter but not as dull as matte.. AWESOMEEE!!!!!

what's not to love??



  1. omg! the color is very vibrant and pretty!! where did you buy it??

    1. make up brush on facebook!! ;)shop and enjoy the heart attack.. haha!

  2. Uber-gorgeous! I'm kiasu so I'll never wear this kind of colour out HAHA :D *new reader*

  3. OMG...those blue color so gorgeous and amazing...:)

  4. @jane --> you have to try it.. ^_^

    @wei --> yes!! indeed.. all the awesome-ness in the world came in one little pot! haha..

  5. ajebbbb warnanya menantang banget, next event ketemuan pake ya. plus gincu merah pastinya ;)