September 03, 2012

REVLON Top Speed Nail Polish 730 ROYAL and 330 EMERALD

hi everyone..

ok so last weekend i just went manic and started to "shop" like crazy.. and because i already have tons of makeup, i decided to bought this affordable nail polishes by Revlon people are crazy about and give it a shot..

 this two are love at 1st sight.. i loveee the color and how the fast drying thingy they promised.. well cranky, clumsy girl like me just needed something fast.. or i'd messed my nails even more..
the other thing is it has this top coat effect already so you just have the instant glossy nails without another effort.. -- me = LAZY!! ^_^

what i dislike about this product the non-long lasting result.. it took me forever (i'm clumsy, so bare with me) to get it right and it chapped right away in two days (or less).. i mean, i cooked and everything but i didn't do anything hardcore with my nails.. is it me? should i stop working while wearing nail polishes?? :)  --- 
you wishhh!!!

to be honest, i love using 'em, but my restless attitude make it impossible for me to have a decent "manicure" like result.. sobbed!! still learning though.. maybe a tips or two (or tons) from you guys would be FABULOUS!! ^_^

ps : sorry bout the pics quality. i use my smart phone camera coz my digicam died and i couldn't find the charger.. blames to my hubby.. thanks a lot, love!

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