September 27, 2012

My Natural-Daily Makeup with Maybelline..

hi everyone..

well like most of you, i love AFFORDABLE makeup.. and one of my fave is Maybelline's.. it has so many makeup range from base, eyes, cheeks, even cleanser.. for prize? y'all know it's very affordable, even for students..

i use Maybelline since high school and although it was so loonggggg ago and i'm quite "matured" now ( i declined to say old, bare with me.. ), i still use most if their products for my everyday makeup.. because it's lightweight and not clogging my pores..

so, here they are...

1. Base : Maybeline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation..

 this foundation is so perfect for people with oily skin (like me).. it melt easily, easy to blend and the "aqua" thingy gave you the comfort effect.. well you should try it to get what i mean..

the lightweight formula and medium coverage made it so perfect for young chicas out there who just started to learn to use makeup or even for the expert ones.. just blend with your cleaned fingers and you'll get the perfect base..

this product has many shades, i only got this two..


no flash

"sand" matches my skintone perfectly, and i use "true beige" sometimes for more tanned look..


see the sand kinda pink-ish and true beige more of darker yellow-ish shade..

2. POWDER : Maybeline Clear Smooth Powder in LIGHT..

aww man, this baby don't lie.. it really really gives you the smooth matte finish.. honestly, i just bought this powder recently (urgent matters) and i fell in love right away.. see how it almost finished less than a month.. ^_^

this is great for touch up as well..

3. BLUSH : Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush in Fresh Berry..

look how gorgeous the pink color is.. it fulfilled my needs for DOLLY LOOK!! watch out Korean Girls.. i'm gonna kick some ass with this blush.. ^_^


this blush is very pigmented and kinda powdery as well.. so you need to use it gently.. put on your blush brush, tap the excess (so it won't fall on your cheeks) then lightly brush 'em on your cheek bone.. easy breezy!

and.... last but not least, how i use my Maybellines..


foundation as the base first then set everything with powder..

apply blush to spice up your face.. less PALE, more GLAM!
add a tiny cat eye liners and lipbalm..



ok so that's my everyday simple look.. maybe less on the cheeks.. i exaggerate a little coz i want it to POP on camera.. but be careful with the blush, it's VERY VERY pigmented.. use it lightly then build up the color, OK!!

Affordable and Great products.. what's not to love~!!

ps : i also love their mascaras.. review NEXT!!


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