September 12, 2012

BELIF Beauty Wokshop

hi againnn..

today i wanna share with you my great experience with the newest Korean skin care that just come in J-Town!! it's BELIF.. the sound reminds me of the word BELIEVE = TRUST, anddd their motto is "Believe in Truth".. curious enough? stay tuned..

Duncan Napier 
the person behind all the awesomeness and natural satisfaction of this products.. he has this philosophy that "the best raw material create the most honest efficacy"..
 and it's been held for over 150 years..

ok, so Belif is another Korean skincare products (that we all know very POPULAR lately..).. but what's a difference between this one and the others? what make it so special and unique? the answer is here..


* Belif is a herbal based makeup
* Belif have no harmful synthetic substances and uses only NATURAL INGREDIENTS
* Belif promise you not one, but FIVE of these :

ok, so let's see all of their products...

 the skin care regimes..

the amazing AQUA HERB CREAM.. they sez in Indonesia you cannot use the word BOMB, so they changed it (you see the extra sticker there??).. well, for me, the word Aqua Bomb is wayyy more interesting and intriguing to try.. don't you think??

they also have BB CREAMS.. so makeup junkies out there.. beware! :)
there are 3 variants

 Powdery -- SPF43 PA+++ Coverage 2of3
 Waterdrop -- SPF20 PA++ Coverage 2of3
Basic -- SPF30 PA++ Coverage 3of3

you can check out the coverage and SPF effects on the bottle..


 one of my fave product is this one.. the anti-UV SPF 50 and it has powder consistency.. so when you think few brands are awesome with their "immediately absorbed" sun block, well this is more than that..
i hate sticky feeling, so powder based sun block for me is a very helpful and I THANKED BELIF A LOT, for made this thing came true.. SOBBED!!!!

ok, tears wiped.. next, the fun part.. FACIAL!!!
let's give this thing a shot...

 our 1st victim : MARSHA..
(check out her blog!)

well we didn't mean to bully you, girl.. but you wore less makeup than the rest of us and you're the youngest, so, mmm.. yeahh i guess we bullied you a little.. but with love.. LOL!

after all the cleansing and moisturizing, let's try the BB cream (powdery).. 

o yeah.. that was great!!! ;)

with flash..

Next our turn.. well i got intrigued to took off my makeup and try the facial thanks to Marcelle who (rarely) already took off hers.. haha!

 awww.. look at her happy puppy face.. (RARE!).. haha.. kidding, hon!

and our sweet mommy, Carnellin.. well as you know, after the therapist took off her makeup, i didn't see any surprises AT ALL.. her skin is AMAZING!! envy you, girl!

 my turn!!

 what was use on my face.. yumm yummm!!

 last but not least they used the Basic BB Cream and Awesome Sun Powder..
see, my redness covered up nicely and it's buildable..

check out the consistency of some of their products..

my fave.. WOW!! absorbed nicely on my skin.. arghhh!!! love love loveee..
use it before the Aqua Bomb, mmm i mean Aqua Cream..

 all the products felt lightweight and soft on you skin and honestly, my first impression : COMFY.. i love the way this product didn't leave any sticky feeling.. even the eye cream (which i used to hate using).. can't wait to try 'em all..

all products price range are IDR180K up to IDR590K if i'm not mistaken).. so it's in middle range, i think..

they're available in all SOGO DEPT STORE..

Laboratory Concept Store

  Neat and Cute

the whole team..
thanks for inviting us.. this was a very nice event.. xoxoxo!!

 yeayyy.. thanks for the goody bag!!
got everything i need there..
review next..

oopss.. sorry for uber long post.. lots to tell.. ^_^

what's not to love..

check out their web and facebook!



  1. huaaa kyny asik.. sayang aku ga bs dteng, akirnya diwakilin doank deh :(

    1. iyaa, sayang bgt ga dateng.. bs seseruan kitaa.. ^_^