August 22, 2012


yeahh well, if you got Bipolar in manic state, then you'd get urges to shop.. like me.. ;)

so, another haul i tried..

 high moisturizing, infuses skin with minerals keeping skin damage-free..
smooth and lightweight..
protects skin from harmful sunrays -- SPF 43 PA+++

12 in 1! BB
Healthy Glowing Look!

this is latest product from ZA, the hydrating thingy.. like i said before, hydrating became very IN lately.. LOL!


 before (flash)

after application (flash)

you can see little marks or redness in my hand was fade away.. and it actually gave my skin the natural glow, so it won't be as dull and looked healthier..

 before.. (arghh!)

anddd after!!

i tried to take the picture as close as possible so you can see it actually concealed my pores nicely.. well done, ZA!

now, the price part.. it's S$15.90.. but i got "Happy Birthday Singapore" sale.. so i bought it for S$12.. i love the way this product felt on my skin, but i think it's not available yet in Jakarta.. 
well, next best thing closest to this one is my Silky Girl BB cream that i adore for quiet some time.. talked about it a little on previous blog, but maybe i'll write full report later..

that's it for now...


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