August 03, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

woww.. VERSATILE, i like that word.. just like multi-tasking.. and when dear Anggie with fully kindred heart tag me with this (nomination) award, i was shock with disbelief.. i am a newbie myself and don't have that much experience in blogging, but i'm totally flattered and proud that you believe in me and so i have to be much much better in the future...

so the rules for this award thingy are :

  1. choose 15 bloggers that you'll going to tag.
  2. tell them about the tagging.
  3. write 7 things about yourself.
  4. thanks to the person who tagged you  ----- THANKS A LOT ANGGIE!!!!
  5. put a post about Versatille Blogger in your blog.

OK.. 1st thing 1st...

7 things about me :
  1. i'm a proud LEO chic..
  2. i love makeup and sometimes spent too much time and money for it.. ;)
  3. i love to eat CARBOHYDRATE and feel bad after.. (but it didn't stop me from eating)..
  4. i love to write and make new friends, so blogging is the right choice for me..
  5. used to be paranoid about what people think about me (a lot), but now, i don't give a rat's ass.. LOL!
  6. in love with EUROPE.. culture, food, fashion, makeups, etc...
  7. and yeahh, i am a COFFEE JUNKIE!!!

NEXT.. 15 gorgeous bloggers worth the TAG :

  1. Marcelle --
  2. Meilani --
  3. Leni --
  4. Marsha --
  5. Shella --
  6. Pricilla Clara --
  7. Franky Wu --
  8. Endi Feng --
  9. Hanna Anindhita --
  10. Putri Kansil --
  11. Rini Cesillia --
  12. Gabby Pali --
  13. Stella Lee --
  14. Carnellin --
  15. Nisa -- 

and of course there are much more awesome bloggers out there but i could only tag 15 of 'em.. ;)


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