August 03, 2012

SOLUSIMU -- Protect Yourself..

hi everyone..

did you know, that infection towards our urinary tract area could be a serious danger if we don't aware of it?? and this infection so easily get to us just as simple as by using public toilet.. you know there are millions and millions of germs and diseases in the toilet seats only??.. and yes, even the cleanest public bathroom can be a threat.. so we really really need to be careful and aware for the sake of our health..

but with busy schedule and lack of knowledge, sometime we just ignore the hygiene and do whatever so we could do our "business" faster.. and sticking a lot of tissue all around the toilet seat (like i use to do) sometimes could be a waste of time.. ;)

few weeks ago, i received this package by Solusimu.. it's a Disposable Toilet Seat Cover.. come with a very compact package, so small and easy to be taken everywhere, like a tissue pack.. i love it..

each box contains 10 sheets..

made from 100% soft virgin pulp that's environmentally friendly..

100% biodegradable -- just flush it into toilet after usage and it will not cause clogging.. in fact this sheets are 4 times faster to dissolve in water compared to regular toilet tissue roll.. (LOVEEEE....) ^_^



put it on my toilet seat..

see the width of the sheet.. it actually wide enough so you can easily move around without ruining the position.. ;)

see how practical and convenient this product is.. so simple and easy to carry in my bag.. so i no longer need to worry about the toilet seats anymore and waste my time arranging those toilet papers.. this is a solution for us, for the better health.. and dear God, it's only cost you IDR 5000 per pack.. what's not to love.. ^_^

with Solusimu --- NOW YOU CAN SEAT IN PEACE!!! (damn i love their slogan..)...

for more info you can check on their web or facebook..



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