August 10, 2012

Natural Aqua Gel CURE...

hi everyone..

today, i wanna share to you about my experience using a unique exfoliating gel that's actually remove dead skin without any pain and no irritation or extra redness after.. and it's water based.. WOW!!

91% of NATURAL AQUA GEL CURE is water.. this is a gentle water-based exfoliating gel to remove old skin cells effectively and is suitable for all skin type, even sensitive skin!!

this is Japan's product.. as you all know, Japan's skin care usually concentrate on hydrating and stuff (with Hada Labo and everything).. and this one claimed "ONE BOTTLE SOLD EVERY 12 SECOND".. isn't that amazing or what..

ok 1st of all we need to know what is considered DEAD SKIN CELL..

faq : when the skin is exposed to the air with all the pollution and confusing weather, it surface would become dry and forming a layer of dead skin.. your skin need the appropriate amount of moisture to maintain it's beauty.. CURE helps to remove the dead skin and dirt to support the natural regeneration process of your skin..

 exposed skin (pollution and UV light etc)..
 made 'em dry and harden..

 crusted skin..
they'd prevent new skin from regenerating from underneath, resulting in various skin problem..


 by gently massaging Cure onto the skin surface, 0.01mm of the old skin layer REMOVED!

the clarified newborn skin will eventually appear.. your skin will also absorb moisturizer better!!

well, what a cute way to explain the WOW effect of Cure, right?! now.. HOW TO USE..

i found this product in WATSON's Singapore.. i saw this product few years ago but i don't know why, this time i decided to give it a shot.. (sample)..

in my defense, i tried a BB cream beforehand, so it was a little brownie,, ;)

the consistency is watery, so it's not sticky at all.. love the end result.. instant softness.. i'm amazed!!! highly recommended!!

i do love exfoliating my face, but hate the "redness" after i use my face scrubs.. with this product, my face feels great, my face just instantly looked radiant and fresh.. it's just like all the nasty dirt and pollution that made my skin greyish and unflattering WASHED AWAY immediately.. so if you went to SG, remember to try on this one.. cost me 40S$.. little pricey, but you just need a very little amount and only use it 1 or 2 times per week, so it'll last longgggg!!!

Loveeee.. loveeee.. loveeeee....


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