August 22, 2012

How I Clean My Eye MakeUp!!!


i don't know what's got into me to make this quick quick video.. xoxo.. but i just wanna share with you the awesome-ness of my PIXY gentle cleansing express.. cheap and worked as wonders!! cleans dark colored eyeshadow perfectly and remove my mascara just like that, no need for struggling.. and to be honest i hate the sticky feeling i got from oil makeup remover or baby oil.. so this is the best fit for me..




ps : just got a message from one of my readers that instead of rubbing my eyes all over, it's better for me just to gently press the cotton pad onto my eyes and wait for few seconds (so the product will "melt" the eye makeup more effectively) before wiping it.. and guess what, it worked much better than just rubbing.. so thanks a lot for the tips, girl!!! -- it totally change my cleansing routine and made my PIXY works even more magical.. LOL!

what's not to love??



  1. awwww you look beautiful!
    anyway, I think it's better if you press the cotton onto your lid and let it sit for a while rather than swiping it. the makeup remover will dissolve the product with no pain at all :)
    hope it helps

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    1. definitely.. your way much more effective.. i have another tips just like that and it works!! thanks a lot... ^_^