August 02, 2012

Etude House Dream On Makeup Base

ohh dear God.. finally another post!!! so excited.. miss blogging so much!!! ;)

anyway, i wanna share to you about another makeup base i've been using this past few weeks for events that needed full makeup and quiet like the result..

this is it.. another Etude House famous product...

i choose the green one, because we all know, green is good for correcting any redness and nobody ohh nobody is in need for redness coverage better than me.. *desperado!! :'(

so this is the before pic..

i really don't know if you could see the redness or not because my vanity lamp seem wayy too bright, but trust me, in reality it was much worse.. dang!

and the after pic..

can't you see the instant coverage already.. the redness seem faded and smooth.. ayayayayyyy love it..

okay, the reason why i only use this base for heavy makeup because the consistency itself is kinda heavy.. and you really really need to be careful when apply it all over your face, coz it's quiet sticky, lil' bit hard to blend and if you put it too much, you're face gonna look extremely white.. maybe i'm gonna call it OVER CONCEALING.. LOL!! so instead of put it too much and be suicidal, you better build it up just like using liquid foundation..

but well, the extra effort for build up and blending is actually worth the result.. my redness is just gone, puffff!! like magic.. but it also need extra time.. so extra effort just fit  for extra events, not suitable for daily usage.. i mean, for me it's not.. :)

and it's quiet pricey, i think about nearly IDR 300000 on the counter.. well, just wait till my birthday to get a discount then....



  1. waaah..menggiurkan..*_*

  2. wah beli aja di online shop kalo d counter emg rada lebay gitu harganya >_<

    1. iya ni.. emang harga di counter agak nyekek leher yaa.. LOL!

  3. ternyata bener makeup base warna green itu bikin complexion lebih 'bright' and ilangin merah2 gt :P jd pinginnn :3

    1. iya emang bgt dan etude kan emang terkenal dr jaman baheulaa (jaman modelnya masi song hye kyo) kalo makeup base nya yg warna warni itu emang manteppp.. haha!!