August 21, 2012

ESSENCE COLOUR & GO Quick Drying Nail Polish -- FAME FATAL!

hi everyone,

here's another SG haul..

 i went to a very small Watsons (location forgotten, sobbed!) and found this beauty product.. ESSENCE! this brand made in France and i knew about it from one of my favorite youtube gurus Misschievous.. shock and excited at the same time coz the price is incredibly reasonable.. i decided to try their nail polish and eyeshadows.. but for now, let's talk about this sexy baby first.

there you go, look at the awesome blood red color.. irresistible!!

i love the name though.. FAME FATAL.. very "Marilyn met Bond" nuances.. uber sexy.. ;)

1 coat..

two coats applied

i use to apply two coats in every single nail polish i wore.. because it made the color look bolder and last longer.. and like what's promised, it dried quickly.. reminds me of Top Speed nail polishes from Revlon..

price is about S$2.50 (around that, i forgot the exact price but it's certainly less than S$3).. ahh so affordable.. what's not to love..

if you're wondering why i only bought 1 color instead of go crazy and went all RAINBOW FEVER.. well, at 1st i just wanna try the consistency and everything.. and after falling in love all over and decided to get the FEVAHH, i forgot which Watsons sold this stuff.. coz the horrible fact is that NOT EVERY WATSONS SELL ESSENCE.. and trust me, i went to every Watsons available and didn't find anything... darn it!! :'(

so, the small Watsons' location still a mystery.. if any of you found it? please do let me know.. LOL!!


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