July 06, 2012

L'OCCITANE Angelique Hydrating Skin Care


hellowww again..

as promised, now i wanna share my thoughts about the complete Angelique products by L'OCCITANE.. last post, i talked about how amazing their Mask is.. now stay tuned for the complete regimen.. ;)

1. Angelique Cleansing Gel

actually the word "gel" doesn't quiet represent the consistency of this one, because as you can see, it's more of liquid-y.. but it doesn't matter anyway coz i like it a lot.. 

God knows i have a very sensitive skin (besides my weird combination thingy..), and i always used baby soap (liquid one) for cleansing my face otherwise it'll dried out on the outer part of my nose, side of my mouth etc and the redness can be pretty overwhelming.. using "normal" face wash could be suicidal for me.. but sometimes, baby soap have sort of drying effect on my face as well although not as harsh..

well, this baby sure change my mind about "adult" face wash.. LOL.. the consistency reminds me of baby soap yet it doesn't give the dryness bonus on the side.. so i think if you have sensitive skin and forced to use baby soap like me, you could consider this one a try.. the softness and no "tight feeling" after.. yay!!

2. Angelique Exfoliating Gel

ok.. this exfoliating gel have no special end-effect results that makes 'em differ than any other brand.. but the uniqueness came from the scrubbing beads' consistency that actually made from GEL.. yes! gel consistency.. so scrubbing could be less painful.. it's so soft, yet could chop off all the dead skins, and smoother skin all the way..

3. Angelique Hydration Cream.

after all the cleansing, let's move on to moisturizing procedure.. this Hydration Cream actually have pretty thick consistency yet it melt so easily on your skin.. leaving it plump and moist with a nice grass scent as well that could sooth your mind in seconds.. after trying it for few days as a night cream, i can tell this cream made esp for DRY skin.. my skin is combination-to oily, so after a while, some small zits came out but nothing too serious though.. i gave my hubby a try and his skin type is Normal-Dry, actually this cream works well on him and he liked it.. LOLs..

for oily skin, i think i'd prefer more lighter moisturizer.. the next one....

4. Angelique Milky Lotion.

ahh.. see?! though it's name is Milky, but it's not sticky at all.. the consistency reminds me of another quick-absorbed moisturizers i used to wear.. so for my skin type, i'm gonna stick to this one.. it has no SPF though so you'll gonna need extra help.. and go to the next one, my most fave products from angelica...

5. Angelique UV Shield.

ladies, this is UV Shield we are all dreaming of.. it's SPF 40 so quiet good for extreme hot weather lately.. and it's consistency, mannn!! i wish they made BODY SUN BLOCK like this.. so quick absorbed and non-sticky at all.. i was almost burst in tears when tried it.. though it's quiet pricey.. LOL! 

but anyway i love this UV Shield.. thank you L'OCCITANE for makin' it STICKY-FREE.. Smoochhhhh!!!

ok, so that's my honest opinion on their new Angelique Line.. if you like to try Angelica Hydrating Mask for free and win more interesting deal, just visit L'OCCITANE FACEBOOK PAGE and LIKE it.. and vote any Blogger Articles on Video you like.. easy and fun!

well this is it for now...



  1. wow asik banget dapet 1 range nya angelique >.<
    kayaknya bagus :)

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  3. ak cuma dapet sample size nya.. hehehe.. iya, this products actually good.. cicip d.. *racunnn.. haha.. ;)