July 10, 2012

Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask

well well well.. another skin care moments, doll!!

lately, i'm into this self pampering mood.. so, i did all the skincare routine more intensely and masks are one of those things that also important..

this unique mask by Granier : Self-Heating Sauna it's actually have the "Heat" effect as promised exactly after you apply it onto your skin.. quiet HOT and i'm not exaggerating..

this products contains Clay and Zinc that "remove impurities and excess sebum to unclog pores and refine skin texture".. it promised your skin "feel purified for up to 7 days".. well, the up-to can be vary for each person, rite?! ;)

 How to use :

apply gently on the T-Zone (forehead-nose-chin).. leave for 3 minutes ( i actually leave it for 10..)

i might be off the t-zone a little bit.. LOL!

and it's true, after applied, the heat came right on.. wow.. you definitely need to use it on air conditioned room.. otherwise you'd get cranky.. i mean, i did.. oops! ;)

after 5 minutes, my t-zone totally wet.. like sweats when you went to sauna.. woww.. it actually did the same thing.. i wonder if i apply it on my fat tummy.. LOLs..

this kinda mask doesn't dried out as any others, you just need to rinse it off with water and you'll done.. yeayy.. simple easy and nice warm effect.. it might be opened my pores for total cleanse, so i dabbed an ice cube all over my t-zone after i cleanse my face.. end result, my skin was oil-free and completely clean.. nice feeling anyhow..

that's it for now guys.. *smoochsmoochs



  1. ini panasnya minta ampun kaaan..

    aku nyobain punya temen, dan alhasil sukses nangis dan kipas-kipas muka hahaha

    1. iyaaa panas.. makanya mesti di ruangan AC bo.. LOLs..

  2. aih kok serem banget. cobain yuk di lemak xD haha beli dmana ci ?

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

    1. beli di hero gt.. kayanya ampir smua supermarket ada d.. hoho..