July 16, 2012

Etude House Dear My Blooming Nail

hi everyone..

so, from my etude house goody back that i've got last month there's this cute little nail polish, Dear My Blooming Nail #1.. i cannot tell you the name coz it's written in Korean.. LOLs..

 you see how cute the color is... i love it...

okay, for those of you nail art mania, i'm so sorry for my clumsy-messy work.. i love using nail polish but sometimes i could be less gentle and too "rough" ;)

on my feet.. uber cute!!

the whole variant..
all colors all so cute and fun.. felt like a princess already..

anyway the downside of this product is the very strong Aceton smell on it.. when i 1st opened the nail polish, i though i'd be smelling fruit scents or candy, well all sorts of sweetish thingy.. but all i could smell is the aceton and it's quiet harsh.. 

ohh and the applicator brush kinda big, so for clumsy girl like me it could be a messy one.. LOL!

ok that's it for now.. Wannabe Sweet, Play Etude!! ;)


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