June 10, 2012

NYX Candy Glitter Liner

hi everyone..

now i'd like to share this cute products from NYX, the Candy Glitter Liner.. very practical and easy to use esp for clumsy person like me (againnn).. LOL!

i'm very careless, so using powder glitter would be a disaster, there will be fall-out all over my face.. not good!! this product actually come in handy for me.. very simple and BAM! you have sparks on your eyes...

i don't know if this product still available or discontinued, coz i can't find it anymore on NYX web... sobbed!!!


 no flash


How i wore it...

 i used the purple and silver one..

please don't mind the messiness.. and i know it lacked false lashes, but to be honest, i'm still learning how to wear them.. so, still in progress.. LOL!


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