June 20, 2012

L'OCCITANE Angelica Blogger Gathering

hi everyone..

today i wanna share with you about this L'OCCITANE blogger event to welcome their new products, the angelica "complimentary products" which are :

(left to right) 

1. Instant Hydration Mask - the lovely mask that works only in3 minutes.. woohoooo!!!
2. Exfoliating Gel - clean face with zero pain esp for sensitive skin.. it's awesome!!
3. Hydration Face Mist - instant hydrated and fresh face, just pump away!

actually angelica products already launch about last year, which are the "daily products"..

 (left to right)

1. Face Toner
2. Cleansing GeL
3. Eye Roll-on
4. Hydration Cream
5. Protective Lotion SPF 15

(about how i use the products, see it on the next post.. )

ok, back to the event.. ;)

at first, while waiting for other bloggers to come, we've been served by cute snacks and a mini hand massage.. ahh so pampering!!

then, after all the bloggers have arrived, we all gathered in the (sort of) dining table with a very cute greeny style.. i love how they decorate the table.. then so, another meal served.. LOL!

i have to steal this pic from lovely meilani, coz mine was blurred out.. sobbed!

my table (with a goody bag)

and while we enjoyed all that, Sarah Damanik, the Marketing Manager of L'OCCITANE gave us a little presentation in a very fun way about this angelica line.. this products targeted people with dehydrated skin.. it contains this marvelous plant called angelica that growth in DrĂ´me region in France.. the secrets of super hydrating effects are coming from the roots of organic angelica that claims could be a super water absorbent to maintain the plant's growth so it can reach to a height of two meters just in a couple weeks.. awesome right!!??

from there, they made an angelica extracts which are angelica essential oil and angelica water..

Organic angelica essential oil : a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin against free radicals.

Organic angelica water : boosts the circulation of water across skin layers by stimulating the production of aquaporins.

quick faqs

 Aquaporins, also known as « water channels », are essential for the circulation of water from the dermis to the epidermis. In just one second, a single aquaporin can allow the passage of one billion water molecules.

 the whole line..
(i wish i could grab 'em all.. *wink wink)

with Sarah..

the whole group..

with meilani..

another "stealing".. oops.. from marcelle..

so basically the whole event was awesome.. i sure do have a great time, got new knowledge and met new friends.. thanks L'OCCITANE Indonesia.. *smooches!!!

ps : thanks for the goody bag.. loveee it!!



  1. nice post hanny..
    and nice to meet you ^^