June 25, 2012

Etude House Event -- Etude Time 2

hi everyone..

as you know last Friday, i was invited to Etude House event Etude Time 2 with "Pink Burlesque" theme.. so excited coz as you can see on my previous posts, i am a quiet loyal user of etude house's makeup.. i haven't tried their skin care besides their sheet masks though..

ok, so this event held from 20-24th June 2012 at Taman Anggrek Mall, which is near my parent's house, so i practically grew up there.. LOLs! we've got this VIP pass that was quiet interesting, we can get free gifts, makeover, nail arts, etc and also special discount 40% for all products.. yipeee!!!

Etude House makeups itself are well known for their natural-sweet looks, so it's use on daily basis for young adults like college students and fresh grads workers.. so after they grew up, should they continue wearing this oh-so-sweet products??.. this event was held by Etude House to made a statement that they're going after new segment of costumers.. from young adults to adults as well..

and with that new commitments they released some new products, makeups and skincare..

Dear My Talk Series

a new makeup series from Etude House that's provide lots of color variants for makeup artists out there to create more and more great makeups.. includes lipsticks, lip-glosses, blushers, compact powders and nail colors..

Dear my Blooming Pact

 Dear My Blooming Nails

 Dear My Blooming Lip Gloss

 Dear My Blooming Cheek

Dear My Blooming Lips

Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

with sea algae complex to moisten your skin and SPF 40, this BB cream will lighten your skin and protected from harmful UV.. the consistency is pretty unique, pearly powdery finish.. make it easy to use.. whats not to love..

Skin Malgeum

here's the new baby that everyone's talking about.. made me wonder and tempted to try them.. it has this refreshing effect, cleanse you pores and smoothen your skin with the hydrating effect as well..
skin malgeum have 5 variants of toner (for each skin type) and 1 emulsion that suits any skin types.. so for fresh, healthy skin, try this one.. i know i will.. ;)

and back to the event..

 i want theseeee!!!!! ;p

 the skin malgeum

makeup class with Korean makeup artist..
she showed us how to wear natural and cute makeup just like what we use to see in many Korean TV Series..LOL!

 all Etude House Indonesia Team..

the crowd!!!
well, you can see how crowded it was.. and yes, Etude House cute cute theme and products actually made people attracted to them.. smart business move.. :)

 time for narcisisms.. 
my head even larger than Franky.. arghhh..

i really didn't know why me and stephanie ducked that low.. it's not like we're that tall or anything.. doh!!
and just take a look at endi with his consistent "HOT" pose.. LOL!

 grabbed from Miss Katie.. ;) 
marsha, super cute.. and guess how old is stephanie.. LOL!

our snacks.. yummy!!

 the goody bag.. yeayy!!

it contains Dear My Talk series and Skin Malgem sample as well.. will do swatches for you on the next post..

so, i sure did have a great and fun time at the events.. met new friends... just priceless.. thanks to Etude House Indonesia for this awesome event and the goody bag too..

PS : the downside for this event came from their staff.. the free goodies staff that was so arrogant and annoying while me and endi wanted to take ours.. then when we wander around cute makeups display they kinda rude-ish told us to step away because this meant for makeover only.. well hellooo, there weren't any sign or anything (is not that we have 6th sense).. doh!! they treat us as in we were throwing their makeups all over the place.. all we did just look and touch a little.. for etude house people please noted this cause it'll effect your sweet and cute image.. like, seriously!!

but after all, it won't make me hate the products.. :)



  1. what ?! Marsha Supercute ?! anda telah berdosa. haha! nice post xD semoga ketemu sama tante di event' lagi ya

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  2. TANTEEE??? reallyyy.. after "cute" word i gave to you.. *melotot ibu tiri.. hahaha.. iyaa moga2 ktmua lagi yaa.. (padahal rumah deket).. ^_^