May 03, 2012

Milky Yellow Nail Polish

Ohh God.. I was cleaning my closet this morning and look what I've found.. My nail polish collections.. Wow, I'm totally forgot, and most of them are brand new.. Like this one..

Over ecstatic, I cleaned my foot and "pour" the yummy milky yellow color on my nails.. Well, please don't mind the messiness.. Too excited while polishing your nail could be disastrous.. So, miss the mess and just enjoy the nice milky color.. Looked so cute and pastel-y.. Geez, I kept on making new words..

I bought this nail polish about 6 months ago.. Still brand new.. Love the result.. Very affordable too.. Nice!! Anyway, I have to put at least two coats and it's thick consistency could be a slight challenge especially clumsy babe like me.. LOL!! I have another one in orange.. Gonna try it after this one worn out.. Woohoo!!

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