May 03, 2012

La Tulipe - LT Pro EyeShadow Palette


Nothing more fascinating than a pretty palette.. Either eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, anything.. I don't know bout you, but I think anything in palette form is more interesting..

This is a local brand and used a lot for makeups on television shows and you can also found it on many salons for their makeup services.. You can find this brand almost in any department store.. And coz it's local, it's very affordable and the quality is amazing too..

The palette comes in two types.. Matte and Shiny ones.. the colors are very pigmented especially if you wear an eye shadow base beforehand..


 very interesting color, don't you think?!?!

 no flash

with flash


 i just loveeeee the shiny palette.. all the colors are complimentary.. loving the BLUE and GREEN.. 
i'm in loveeee....

with flash



 no flash
see!!! the colors are amazing..

with flash
even more interesting with flash.. we're ready to partayy, babes!! :P

 no flash

 ahhh.. so orgasmic!!

with flash
the lower left shadow (outer left on my hand) actually is a soft pink color with golden shimmer.. it's so unique and almost to good to be true..


 no flash

with flash

no flash
the lower left shadow actually has the same color as my skintone.. so it'll be perfect for smoothing eyeshadow right above the crease area.. awesome!!
the lime green one is also fascinating, and the shocking pink... ahhhh.. i love colors, i love this palette.. yayy!!

with flash
these colors reminds me of katy perry.. dunno why.. LOL!

ohh my God!! i almost got a mini "color" stroke.. for such an affordable price, i'm extremely satisfied..
Nice!!! So, let's have fun and get creative with these colors... :)



  1. Replies
    1. ak waktu itu titip temen, kalo ga around 260rb an.. pokoknya ga sampe 300 d.. ;)

  2. Akhirnya ada yang ngereview.... Jadi yakin buat beli. Hehehe... Thanks ya :)

  3. bagusssnyaaa,, pengen *ngiler* tapi mahal yaa!!
    one palette 300 ribu. mendingan sleek donk yaa..

  4. aaaa nice swatch babe..! I'm looking for the matte one, but i can't find the store now in jakarta :(
    i prefer on online shop, any idea for online shop?