May 22, 2012

KIKO eyeshadow 180, 114, 165, 103 Swatches..

hi everyone,

now i wanna talk about Kiko Milano makeup haul from my honeymoon trip to europe.. my 1st impression was how great the pigmentation and how sad they're unavailable in Indonesia or even Asia.. sobbed!!

i just bought 4 of 'em.. i was intrigued to buy more, but my hubby annoyingly reminded me that i have wayyy too much eyeshadow (singles or palettes).. arghh!!

however, i really2 love their store and the staff are pretty (yeahh, they're Europeans) and nice as well.. but unfortunately i forgot to take the pictures.. too excited then i forgot.. bad bad me..

i love the colors and i'd never miss a black.. ;)

L-R :  180, 114, 165, 103

don't you just love the shades..


no flash
 (L-R 180, 114, 165, 103)



the blue one.. shimmery electric blue.. i'll rock this color.. my fave so far..
the texture is nice, not chalky and easy to blend..

no flash

with flash

see how it reflects the light.. *teary.. :')

no flash 

the dark grey shimmery one..
the color's unique and so cool (literally..) my hubby actually picked this one for me.. LOL!

with flash


no flash

matte black..
i love the boldness.. and it's kinda hard to blend, but aren't all matte eyeshadows do hard to blend??

no flash                              flash

so, with the price of 4.99 euros or about IDR 60.000 (ish) each, what's not to love???


  1. AAAAAAA !!!!! MAU !!!!!!
    keren banget...apalagi warna biru nya...

  2. iya benerrr.. orgasmic bangettt.. haha..