May 08, 2012

Great Primer for Super Oily Skin

When people asked, “what’s your definition of perfect makeup?”.. what do you think would be the best answer?? For me.. the best makeup is when you don’t have to retouch it too often.. great makeup should be lasts as long as possible with a little usage of blotted powder or tissue (maybe one time or two per day)..

Before worrying about the eyeshadow, blush, etc.. let’s worry about the face first.. we do need a primer after applying moisturizer and before foundation.. primer works as a layer.. Smoothing imperfection on your face, leaving it ready as a plain canvass for your artwork (in this case, makeup)..

For now I’m gonna talk about Dr. OIL SOLUTION from Etude House.. from the name, you probably could figure that this product is a actually a primer that moisturize, reduce excess oil and covers pore.. it also claimed improves foundation makeup expression and longevity.. I have a very oily skin and extremely large pores (thanks, mom!).. so I think this primer would be nice for me to tried on for a fun hang out last weekend.. trust me, when I hang out with my girlfriends, I’d spent at least 9 hours LOL!

Result was amazing.. I love the way my skin react to this product.. it absorbed nice and non-sticky.. I wore colorstay foundation by Revlon after.. and usually with other primer, I’d get oily in less than an hour and more less outdoors.. sucks! But using this, I just have to blot my face ONE TIME and that was about 5 or 6 hours after I applied my makeup.. great, huh!?!?

12 pm.. ready to go..

 9 pm.. back home..

I also used the pore coverage (the cherry on top) and applied it over my cheeks area since those areas have the largest amount of huge pores.. the consistency is not creamy but not dry as well.. it absorbed instantly into your skin and melted like a nice smooth powder.. so I applied it also around my T-zone.. and I think that helped reduce the oil.. so, bye bye large pores..


  1. omg >.< soo tempting!! pengen nyobain jugaa!!

    1. iyaa.. cobain d.. mudah2an cocok di km juga yaa.. ^_^