May 23, 2012

Etude House Cute&Sexy eyeshadows Swatches

another eyeshadow, baby... still more to come anyway..

today, i'm feeling a lil' bit glamo, so a touch of bling here and there won't hurt for a girl's hobby, right?? so, because i don't have diamonds as big as i wanted to be, well i'm gonna take this glamo feeling to a whole other (affordable) way.. MAKEUPS!!!

as we all know, Etude's products are about girly, glamor and princess-y looks.. glitters are everywhere.. (matte however, mmm takes sometimes.. LOL)..

Etude.. all about cute and beautiful packaging.. they think it all through.. amazing!!

without further a due..


 no flash


 no flash
as usual.. i don't know why but i bought this product because i'm in love with the blue one.. at the 1st sight.. ;) 


 no flash
another to fell for color.. the gothic purple.. woww.. this could totally rock my smokey look..


 no flash
even the grey have an amazing result..


so that's it.. what's not to love.. all you need in one small package, easy to be brought on for retouches or traveling.. (but less black, LOL!)..

down side of this product is the consistency.. it's kinda dry, powdery like.. so don't sweep it too harsh on your brush or the glitters and everything will be fall off all over your face.. not good.. it also make the blending a lil' bit of challenge.. you need to be very very take it easy when you blend it out.. stay soft and calm.. like a princess.. ;P
my suggestion : go easy on your brush, baby!!

another downside is how their products somehow quiet expensive.. while in Korea itself, well, very cheap.. so sad.. :'(

can you make your price any lower perhaps.. so i don't have to wait for my birthday's discounts to shop.. *wink wink.. Kiehl already did some adjustments on their prices, so i hope Etude House also would consider it, so EVERYONE can be a princess.. ;)


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