May 14, 2012

Benefit High Beam!! Cheer you up in a second...

for those of you makeup junkie out there, this product might be familiar.. it's so popular i couldn't help myself to grab one.. but unfortunately it's unavailable here in jakarta.. lucky me, a good good friend of mind kindly bought me one from HK.. LOL!! happy meeee...

you see the unique-ness of this product.. looked like nail polish, rite? you just need to dab over your upper cheeks areas.. then, your face just instantly brightened and awake.. amazing!

 swatches.. can you see the difference?

 instant bright pinkish effect.. it lasted longer than you think.. ;)

so.. intrigued already?? ;)


  1. good review ^u^

  2. i use this, going to a benefit blogger event next week - will see if they have any similar products to this! x