April 18, 2012

Moisturizing Foundation for Cold Weather


for now, I wanna share to ya’ll this great makeup base and foundation by Etude House.. I bought this few months ago and in love with its moisturizing and dewy (but not oily) effect..
I just got home from my honeymoon to Europe and the weather there was very unpredictable.. it supposed to be spring and not that cold, but maybe the global warming has turned the weather into confusing state.. very annoying! 

Well, anyway coz I have to be out all day walking, I need makeup that lasted all day.. I brought precious mineral makeup essence and moistfull essence-in foundation and they’re shockingly good.. my skin felt soft and even after cleansing it still felt good and dewy.. the cold air made my skin all dried out but not my face.. so, it’s highly recommended.. both of them are match couple and perfect for dry skin even combination skin like me..

So if you’re live in a very cold weather area or worked in the office with very cold-drying air conditioner, this couple are a perfect choice.. however, if you live in hot tropical area (like me), you’ll need to blot the oil every few hours depends on your skin type, but the foundation won’t come off that easy, so relax.. ;)

Give it a try and see.. you’ll gonna love it..

the box sez
pre-makeup essence (moist cream + pearl infused makeup base)..
makeup essence promotes better adhesion of makeup by moisturizing skin and blending skin tone with coverage for a longer lasting and more natural look..

the box sez :
essence infused moist foundation supplies enduring coverage and collagen to strengthen derma integrity and improve look

 my makeup using etude house base and foundation..

 we went from cold to freeze.. ;)

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