April 19, 2012


hello everyone,

for now i'd like to talk about eyeliners.. as you can see i've wrote about liquid eyeliners before but that was more about my struggle of using it.. now, i've got the grip and i'll show which kind of liners best for clumsy people (like me..) LOL!

1. Pencil EyeLiners

               This would be the easiest to apply, however what i don't like about pencils are how they tend to smudge (unflaterring) and leave stain all over your under eye area.. i've tried so many drugstore brands like revlon, la tullipe, maybelline, loreal you name it.. i was looking for more cost effective products so everyone could enjoy great lined smokey eyes without burning their pockets.. but, as hard for me to say, no pain no gain : more money you spend, less smudge you'll get..

Anyway, the drugstore brand i like is Maybelline crayon liner.. it has the most soft consistency so easier to apply without dragging your skin all over and when you smudge it (on purpose and flattering-ly), it won’t come off, unlike others.. it also give you liquid liners effect without risking any failure when you’re too clumsy to wear liquid ones.. and the price? Amazingly cheap for results like that.. LOL!

The high-end brand I like is MAC power point eye pencil, quite expensive but I’ve tried it for the last 2 weeks and super satisfied.. the color is super intense, so soft and won’t smudge, baby!!! Love it.. I wore it for lining my lower eye, it matched any liquid or gel liners I put on top liner (coz it’s hard for me for lining my under eye with liquid or gel liners, sobbed!).. I think the price is worth it and you just need to apply very little amount to get quite heavy effect, so it won’t finished that fast..


2. Gel EyeLiners

               Yes, I know, nothing compares MAC’s gel eyeliners, so many great reviews so I just say kudos to that and move on to tell you just about the drugstore brand I like anyway..

               I use Silky Girl double intense gel eyeliner.. it came in handy with attached brush on the top and the brush is actually good.. it easy to apply and lasts all day, trust me.. however, if you put it too much on lower line it will smudge a lot.. so, I use it just for top and for the lower line I use MAC pencil.. there you’ll have perfect smudge-less lines all day.. easy, cheap and lasts long.. beautifull!!!


3. Liquid EyeLiners
               I only have tried few brands like Revlon, Etude House, NYX, etc.. from traditional sweep the brush type to felt tip one, and still struggling.. I found it hard and I have better results with gel liners so I just used liquid liners for non-importance events that no need that much of eye makeup because it terrifies me when you already put so much effort on your eye makeup and it ruined by your clumsy hand while using liquid.. so I won’t say much.. so, for clumsy babes out there, lets just stick to gels.. ;)

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