April 27, 2012

Daily Body Skin Care..

Responding Marcelle’s blog about Atopic Skin Care must haves, I must say, these products worked really well on me.. this past few weeks my skin became so fragile, extremely dry (got worsened by my hatred of using body lotion) and itched a lot.. I decided to go for antiseptic soaps and a lot of scrubbing, coz I thought maybe I didn’t wash my body properly.. but I didn’t work out.. the results were the same, even worse.. the same dryness, itches (because of irritation), so frustrating..

Then I read her blog about her skin care routine and her dryness problem and I knew, we share the same skin type.. so, I looked for products she recommended.. few of them I’ve tried before, but way back then, my skin have no problem whatsoever (just dry, no itch), so I didn’t see any difference.. just annoying sticky feeling after wearing body lotion (which I hate)..

Here’s the products that I used now.. thanks to Marcelle, my skin is much much better now.. for atopic skin like me, it’s better not to use antiseptic products way too much, coz the alcohol and other harsh chemical agents might be damaging the skin that’s already too sensitive.. she also suggested that we shouldn’t take too hot shower, just body’s temperature or even cold water would be a better option.. less and less body scrubs and hard loofah or puffs, we don’t want to damage our skin even more, right.. basically, just treat your skin gently.. well, I’m clumsy so I’m still trying very hard for that gentle thingy.. LOL! 

nice and cheap xtra gigantic body shower.. contains milk goat for super dry skin.. i used minimum two full pumps each shower.. leave your skin soft and smell nice too..

i use this especially for my hands.. it absorbed nicely and non-greasy at all.. so no more sticky feelin'.. yeayyy!!

last but not least.. the latest product from nivea.. with Hydra IQ.. it claimed to supply moisturizer on the skin from inside for long lasting softer skin.. and it also helps to increase the amount of aquaporin which is the natural hydration canal on your skin.. shockingly this product is not sticky at all, unlike the previous one which always made me miserable when using it..

however i think body butter could do a better job coz it's extra moisturizing thing, but i'll just take the baby steps.. just simple, easy absorbed moisturizer just fine with me.. i hate butter.. maybe someday i could use it, but not now.. haha..

that's it for now.. happy moisturizing.. ^_^


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