April 25, 2012

Cook M·A·C Event with Joy Magz @ Seibu-GI

hi everyone..

last saturday, Marcelle from allthatmakeup blog asked me to go to this mac event at seibu grand indonesia.. she was late, so while i waited for her, i joined this makeup 101 by mac makeup artist (on the making), belinda.. the model however was Stella Lee, another famous beauty blogger..

1st of all she was showing us how to apply the right eyeshadow and eyeliner, but because it was for natural look, i kinda missed it, boring.. i was hoping she would made extravagant look, well, if you were in mac counter where you could use anything you wished for, why go safe? duh! so we'll skip to another important matter in makeup world.. shading/contouring and highlighting.. ohh just don't forget, to blush!

anyway because Stella was already wearing foundation, Belinda go straight to powder, using studio care blend pressed powder.. it claimed to provide a smooth, virtually invisible, fresh-looking finish, this soft, cream-like powder is carefully blended to provide the skin with extra care, nourishment and comfort...

she was using the 187 brush for the powder all over Stella's face then the 109 brush for contouring the hollow part of the cheek..  (maybe Belinda was nervous, but she failed to fluently mentioned some of the brushes or even products she used.. LOL!)
the tip : you should always start use your contouring products from the sideburns area like on the picture, so the largest amount of products will stay in there and then you sweep it towards, just follow the cheek hollow area so it'll be blended smoothly forwards..

next, for the blush, Belinda used cremeblend blush.. this product is very pigmented, so she was using an 188 brush and tap it easily on to the blush, then swirl it even more lightly onto Stella's cheek bone.. don't forget to smile before apply all kind of blush, so the cheek bone would popped out.. ;)

next.. my most favorite part.. Highlighting.. yeayyy!!
using mineralized skin finish (soft and gentle) and 109 brush, Belinda started to highlight upper cheek bone area, on the smiling line, even both hands.. so this amazing shimmering products also could be used to shimmer your body, like shoulder, hands, leaving you all glamor and fabulous.. you can also put a little highlighter on your upper lip's cupid bow to accentuate your look.. 

 then Belinda use mac-kissable lip color.. the nude effect is flattering, kinda intrigued me to purchase one.. but i think i have to pass coz of my huge numbers of lipsticks and lipgloss around the house.. sobbed!
as you can see, she was using a tool to scooped out the products, cause lipgloss or lipstick are the most dangerous and easy to be infected if used together.. yikes! so any makeup artist would knew this simple rule : never used any lip products together.. so they'd scoop out the products, then use a lip brush to apply them onto your lips instead of using it straight from the tube.. so beware, girls!

ok, then Belinda used this red shade lipstick ( maybe russian red ) on the middle part of Stella's lips to give a nice 3D effect.. amazing, you should try it.. it could be used on any color.. just put darker color on the middle part on your lips then blend it smoothly outwards..

voilaa.. the finished look!!

Stella definitely looked dolly and cute... i'd never be able to pull off this kinda look.. : (

Belinda's stuff.. arghh!! do envied her..

 what's on Joy Magazine goodie bag plus a cute cupcake..

me and Marcelle.. i do looked like a hobbit in this pic.. :'(
models however, looked stunning.. smooth skin, nice doll alike makeup.. they were like living mannequin.. Kinda scary but cute, so.. scute?? hahaha.. (no more neologism, hanny....)


  1. Haiii... Waa.. nice post! ^^ Hope to see you in another event! :D

    1. hi jugaaa.. iya ni hope to see you again soon!!! ;) ^_^