April 22, 2012

Ahh Moisturizer..!! my Skin Aqua Wonder!

hi everyone...

now it's moisturizing timeeee...

after long time in search of perfect moisturizer, now i've found the "one".. it's cheap, it works and i really2 do satisfied with the results..

i used to use hada labo super hyaluronic acid hydrating lotion.. but because it was unavailable in jakarta it's kinda pain for me to have it sent from my causin in singapore all the time.. i was running out last month and she was out of the country.. SOS!! panicked!! then i went to nearest supermarket to seek alternatives.. then i found skin aqua UV moisture gel (normal to oily skin).. 1st i was interested because it also contained hyaluronic acid, and the "gel" structure intrigue me.. i love gel base products so much because of my super oily (sometimes combination) skin.. LOL!

the product has SPF 30 to protect skin from UV-B that could cause skin burn.. and PA++ to protect our skin from UV-A that could darken your skin leave it dull and unhealthy..

it sez that this product is different that any others because of improved hyaluronic acid it contained (AcHA) that could help softened and hydrate you skin.. also completed with collagen, vit B5, E and C to nourished and keeping your skin healthy..

what i love (again) about skin aqua that it's not greasy at all.. absorbs very quick and well onto your skin.. yeay!!

ps : this product is licensed from Japan..


  1. hello, nice review u got there, I was curious to try this product but since I have my super oily skin n I had a bad experience with gel moisturizer of some local brand, I canceled to buy this product.
    Well, since u have oily skin n fine with this product, I really curious, think I'm gonna buy it next time I drop into supermarket :)

    1. hi.. hope it'll work as good on you.. glad could help.. ;)

  2. this is by far my favorite sunblock slash moisturizer, too! other sunblock doesn't moisturize much, but this one will do for my oily combination skin, and it's lightweight, and CHEAP! i even have one for each of my bag lololol talk about impulsive buyer.

    nice blog you have here :)


    1. yeahh, sun block could be pain in the ass with the stickiness and everything, but with this one we got the goodness effect all in one and easily absorbed as well.. nice!! i just bought 4 bottles coz it's on sale, well i hear ya about compulsive thingy.. ^_^

  3. Luvin this products too!!

    Nu follower...