October 01, 2011


as i said earlier.. i have Bipolar Disorder and proud of it... LOL..

ok so, this is what "manic" state of mine really gotten me into... BANKRUPTCY!! ;P

one of my favorite.. looks good on my lips.. pinkish, nudish... everything ...ish ...ish !!

uhhh.. sour sexy saturated orange.. who won't love it?!

matte hot pink = PINK PER-Q (always my fave.. never fails you, my dear..)

this lipstick actually kinda hot pink too, but in shiny finish.. so, perfect to put on top of the "hot pink" one..

famous "red".. i've used it for few times.. so, sorry 'bout the imperfection... :)

MEDUSA.. well, NYX lipsticks names was intriguing.. i've warned you before, right? the shade was kinda dark purple.. so, are you dare?

 i bought this one because dark choco always used on runways and never failed to give you those dark, androgynous look but not too scary as wearing black..
so, got the goth but not as terrifying.. 

(so people won't look at you and think, "31st october already??", you know.. something like that..)

call me crazy to actually bought black lipstick.. but i've always wanted one and the name of this lipstick intrigued my "messed up" soul.. LOL!! PENELOPE... love it.. if i do use it, i'll post the pict right away.. ;)
so, with this lipstick i'll try harder to make my confident aura as maxed as i could, so people won't think of me as Halloween witch, but just an emo chic.. (i hope so...)

the swatches :

with flash...

ps : NYX probably be my fave of all time.. cause my lips are annoyingly sensitive and rejected all other brands but this one.. when i first tried it on the booth, i almost kissed the seller, too excited.. then my manic came out, so i bought 8 of them.. i think..

so if you have sensitive lips like me, you could try this one.. maybe it'll helps.. and for the price? unquestionably REASONABLE.. so, why wait.. i dare you to buy PENELOPE... LOL!!!




  1. love NYX too. affordable and the colors are really pretty. thinking of buying Penelope the black lipstick now ;p