September 22, 2011

new SKIN CARE HAUL : POND'S Microdermabration Kit..

well, i love my skin (and my hair) so much, and i'll try almost anything to make 'em as perfect as i could.. esp with my Large Pores problem.. that's a real bitch!!

i didn't actually purchase this products on purpose.. i was at the mall and wanted to buy POND'S age miracle day cream coz i love it.. i use it as my daily moisturizer routine.. i applied it just on my cheeks, where the large pores hangin' out, not the whole area coz i'm afraid my pimples gonna breakout or get more oily.. yeah baby, welcome to the nasty world of COMBINATION SKIN!!! ok, back again to the mall, then the SPG offered me two gifts (if i purchase minimum IDR100.000) and i should pick one.. a bag or the Microdermabration Kit.. since i have wayyy to much bag and it'll be useless anyway, i picked the kit instead..

the box contain :
1. microdermabrasion polishing cream
2. the sponge
3. post-treatment glow enhancer...

how to use :
first of all you gotta wet your face.. i washed my face first with pond's natural facial wash.. felt good on your skin and smoothed it after.. nice finish!!

then you squeeze enough tube no.1 to cover the entire sponge area (the round one) then massage it all over your face in round motion (avoid the eye area)..

it's not written on the instruction, but i also massage it all over neck area, because i think neck is as important as face to get the special treatment.. ;)

ok after you finished, rinse you face then dry 'em properly to be ready for the next step..
squeeze tube no.2 about a pea size amount onto your fingertips and apply all over the face (me : with neck also).. apply it from chin to cheek with smooth upward strokes..

you guys have to try this product.. damn!! my face really glowing and toned!! so fresh and smooth... i cannot express it enough with words.. you should try it yourself.. REALLY!!!

this product claimed to do better job on microdermabrasion than treatment at professional clinic.. well, i don't really know if it were trus or not, but in my opinion, for "at home, self kit", this product is worth to try for.. hey, i just spent IDR 100.000 and got this almost free.. LOL!!

ohh and btw, the  microdermabrasion polishing cream has this micro crystal stuff that is so smooth, even smoother than The Body Shop vitamin-c microdermabrasion treatment..(so, less painful..)

ok.. that's it for now.. :)



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