September 21, 2011


Hi again..
Today I wanna show you make “natural” makeup routine.. no dramatic black shadows.. just simple brown, barely there, but THERE.. LOL!

Check it out!!

 i hope you can see a lil' pinkish on my cheek.. the flash was too bright.. dang!!

For this look I used :

Face : as usual, moisturizing routine, then prime it with elixir by Makeup Forever.. result is amazing!! My skin totally smooth and feel toned.. I know it sounds weird, but that actually how I feel.. love it!! Ready for foundation then….

Used Revlon PhotoReady in Nude.. I love the little sparkle on this product.. make my face glowy and looked good on the camera.. fresh!!

for the cheek, i used Makeup Forever HD blush.. just need a lil bit, just less that one full squirt on both my cheeks.. and poof!! rise and shine....

ok, and to make my face even more FRESH.. i used contour maker by etude house.. use the darker one for contouring and the lighter color for highlight.. well you know the drill.. ;)

ohh before i forgot, i used colorstay two way compact to make sure everything set in place..

Eyes : prep ‘em with La Tulipe eyeshadow base, then I used NYX jumbo eye pencil (milk) on inner corner of my eyes to brightenen it up..

For the eyelids, contour and highlight under the brow area, I used this natural palette.. bought it online and I love it!!!

Ohh btw, I didn’t use any eyeliner for this look… but I used black eyeshadow (also from the palette) and the small angle brush..
I’m totally amazed by this palette, reasonable price.. pigmentation is amazing.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  

ok then.. hope you like it..
remember, NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON!!!! crucial rule...



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