August 20, 2011

My mini MakeOver -- bday dinner @ Decanter wine house

Today I wanna show you my little mini makeover using mostly drug store makeup.. looked so good, and perfect for my best gal birthday dinner held at Decanter Wine house in Plaza Kuningan.. it was my 2nd time there and I lovee that place.. Perfect for hang out and dine.. so Lounge-y.. (sorry, I have this bad habit of creating new words…)
So here we go..
 before look.. ohh nooo!!!
ok at first i primed my face with lil' spritz of MAC's charged water (i got the blue one).. then moisturized it with Hada Labo hydrating lotion.. so my skin will be ready for another "layer".. ;)

 and the "MAGIC" begin.. (i used silky girl magic bb cream)

 can you see the difference? which side did i used the BB cream 1st??

 blend blend blend baby!! don't forget your neck and ear area..!!!

ok.. so i also applied it (BB or Foundation) a little to my lips.. make sure it's pre moisturized.. i did that to pale out my lips.. i don't know if you can see but my lips are pretty dark red, so if used lipstick, the color will come out "too much".. unlike my friends who got "natural look", with me, i got "bitch slap" look.. that sucks.. sooo, paled up!!!
next... powder and blushes....

 the steps just the same as foundation routine.. face-- neck-- ear!!!


used : 
black, white and gold eyeshadow by PAC (i love that brand the most but too bad, lack of shades).. 
grey eyeshadow on top by silky girl.. 
black kohl pencil eyeliner revlon..
i LOVE earthy tone.. so bronzer is a must!!!

for the blush, i used inez and revlon brand.. but i forgot the name cause i depoted it into one palette.. sorry.. but look for bronzer and peach blush then you're good to go.. ;)

for mascara i used Maybelline Lash Stiletto.. not available here (arghh!!!), got it from my friend who went to USA.. i lovee it cause it has great result and EASY TO CLEANED AFTER!!! (that's what important for me the most)..

thank god for dr lash ampule by Etude House.. now my lashes are Show-able.. ;)

should i use fake lashes? mmm no..

and these are photos from the dinner at Decanter..
 what i wore.. Mango!! yumm yumm..

 birthday girl.. (left!.. not me.. ;P)

 my future hubby!! LOL..

 main course and desserts.... oh god.. my cholesterol....

ok thats it for now.. 4 am already.. so off to bed.. see you againn... 



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