August 15, 2011

the MIRACULOUS --- DR. LASH AMPULE -- EtudeHouse

GOD!! you've answered me... finally i have a proper lash!!!

DR. Lash Ampule is a product, more like gel mascara contains vitamin and herbal extract that give nourishes to your eyelashes and make it more stronger.. so results : Longer, Thicker and of course.. SEXIER!!!

the package includes 2 ampules.. the smaller one for night treatment.. use before bed.. (use it after your night skin care routine).. and the bigger one for day use (it also can make your lashes look thicker if you use mascara after, it's like eyelash primer..LOL!!).. there's also the ruler with lines on it to help you maintain the growth.. so you can check the before and after result..

one of my best gal gave it to me as birthday gift.. at first i kinda doubted this product.. and the price is soooo breathtaking.. this is the most expensive product of the whole store.. haha.. it's about idr 500.000 ish.. so if it's not working. wewww.. hugeee heart broken.. and "pocket broken".. ;P

i'm not paid for this review.. i did it because it's really2 work so damn well.. i used it for one week now, and my lashes goes longer for 2 lines.. each line's about 1mm long.. so in 1 week, my lashes grew 2 mm.. AMAZING.. and i finally have a lower lashes.. God, i almost burst in tears of joy..

try it.. IT WORKS!! ;)

update :

after 1 month usage..
my lashes has grown fuller and finally i have lower lashes.. yay!!

with no mascara on..

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