August 19, 2011

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

Hei guysss..
Today I feel I wanna write about the amazing Hada Labo Instant Hydration that contains Hyaluronic Acid.. (i'll explain about it on the next blog OK!!) ;D

This stuff actually amazing and like it said, each drop locks up an ocean.. it really2 moisten your skin.. just two drops for the whole face and neck.. and I do a little massage all over and slap it a little (not too hard, please..) around cheeks area.. just like famous beauty blogger Michelle Phan did in one of her video.. you can check it out here.. easy and fun! (i just adapt her method)
You can use it twice a day.. morning and before bed.. you can feel after using this lotion, your face will be smooth and makeup could easily glide on your skin.. AMAZING!!
O yeahh, it minimize my pores too.. you know how I hateee my pores!! Too bad it’s not available here in Indonesia.. but you could purchased it online or go to watsons at Singapore (like I did) LOL..
 Michelle Phan's video -- check out her videos at youtube.. awesomeee..

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