August 27, 2011

EyeLiner Vaganza!!!


today i'm gonna talk about my adventure with liquid eyeliner.. why?? mmm maybe because that was one thing about makeup i'd never figure out.. arghhh!!! so frustrating...

ok.. i started using eyeliner about 8 years ago (2003) when i started college.. i used pencil eye liner all the time and love the result, but kinda messy if you put it on lower lash area, annoying.. till now i never find the best pencil eyeliner that wouldn't make a mess there.. if you knew, please let me know... THANKS A LOT... :)

then my friend introduce me with this amazing liquid liner (forget the name) and she could use it very well.. looked amazing on her and made me wanna try some.. and guess what, i put it wayy to much it "bleed" into my eyes and it was painful, esp because i wore contacts.. bummer!!! after that, i tried and tried again and it never worked.. than i gave up.. just use pencil.. sick of eye irritation..... go to hell!!!

then in 2011, when "vintage" aura is TRENDING like crazy and how i love pin-up girls posters, i intrigued to try it again.. esp when i saw this picture of Lady Gaga on the cover of rolling stone magazine.. amazing look, I LOVE it!!!

the cat eye-liner and dark red lipstick... it's sooo vintage, so pin up.. nice one, GAGA!!! so i kinda obsessed to have to be able to use liquid liner.. (mmm also i have difficulties in using red lipstick..damn it!! bleeds everywhere.. those of you who can, ENVY YOU!!)..

ok so, i purchased several types of eyeliner and this' one i used that got succeeded so far.. 

i love it.. deep black.. soft brush.. it's perfect for me who love black as my eye color.. LOL!! but coz it's so liquid-y (ok another word making, pardon!) so if you are a beginner (just like me) you need to be careful about your "strength".. took me 3 nights in a row practicing till i could figure out how hard should i stroke the brush.. (believe me, NOT THAT HARD!!!).. use a light feather touch.. i mean it.. LIGHT AS FEATHER!!!

i tried so many methods.. pushing all my friends to teach me..  not just ordinary push, really2 obsessive push..
exactly annoying.. sorry guys.. they taught me many methods.. middle part first or from end to front etc.. but only one method works for me first time.. yeahh baby!!! taught to me by Nadia, one of my best gal.. like this...

so it goes first from the right eye.. using your left fingers to hold your eyes (flatten) then stroke the brush from right part to left part.. if you can nailed it in one stroke, the result will be better than if you have to repeat them in several strokes.. trust me.. need to work more on that "one stroke".. haha..

maybe this' so far my best result.. sorry for the imperfection.. i spent 3 days with red eyes for this.. so it means a lot.. yayyyy!!! not bad.. LOL..

on the next day, i used the same method and this time using lighter shades of eye shadows so it won't over powering the "cat-eye" effect i was workin' on..

this might be the first time i used light colors like this.. and it was actually pretty good..

and then the next day, i got cocky.. and play a little with my eye.. kinda awesome but i don't really think i'd be able to re-create that look.. damn!!

LOL!! wanna work on my red- lipstick madness.. so, another day.. another study.. yeppp..



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