July 26, 2011


I've tried this..And it felt sooo nice..Esp because of the cheap price.. Well you can't compare it with bobbi brown or any other cleanser that contains oil.. But for about 10.000 idr, these babies are amazing.. It's still kinda need hardwork for cleaning mascara though, but hey, still easier..And this product is alcohol free.. So enjoy.. Cheap n easy.. Love it!!

so, before the cleaning.. this was the make up that i wore today.. green smokey look!!
 haha.. that's my fiancee..
OK.. when i put on makeup, i usually use a lot of products.. i know you shouldn't do that, but i have an ultra HUGE PORES!!! so after moisturizing, i used bb cream by Maybelline only on the huge pores area, then i used Revlon Colorstay Foundation end it with pressed powder (to cover up even more).. followed with blush, and other cheeks stuff.. and end it with loose powder..

so with all the products, cleaning my face after could be a BITCH!! i usually need "baby oil" help with my old makeup remover.. but with PIXY gentle cleansing express, all the pain just goneee!!! Faster Easier.. :)

it's so easy.. with just one wipe.. my eyeshadow.. puff!!! bubyeeee... and i only used 2 regular cotton sheets.. i actually tore each of them into 2 cause it was too thick so, more cost effective..  ;P
in less than 1 minute, my face : ALL CLEAN..

next.. wash my face with clean and clear soap, brush my teeth and BED!!!

nite all..



  1. hello there! haha great i found many indonesian beauty blogger :D
    keep posting! I never tried pixy cleanser but this look pretty good

    visit me back yah :) *hugs

  2. haiii.. this is actually my 1st blog.. so any suggest?? hehe.. btw you should try it!! ;)

  3. Btw thanks for follow me, I followed you back :)

    haha i'll try it once i run out my cleanser :D
    i only can suggest you to keep writing ;)