July 29, 2011

Makeup Forever meet and greet with David Arbid..

i wrote this post not as a blogger, cause when i attended this event i didn't have beauty blog yet..
then after that, it inspired me to become one and here i am.. writing like crazy.. i used to have a blog that talked mostly about daily life.. now, i think i've finally found my passion..

i won't write much, just sharing the pics taken from my blackberry.. see, if i were a beauty blogger i won't use smart phone's camera, right?!

so, this event held at Diagonale, Plaza Senayan

the product display.. i want 'em all, pleaseeeee..

snacks and drinks, when the demo started it almost untouched..

 Man of the Hour -- David Arbid

he's a very nice guy.. he explained everything about HD series from MUFE very clearly and so much FUN..

i came that day as my friend's ( marcelle ) chaperon.. she's the real beauty blogger.. she knew i have interests in makeup so she invited me to go along with her.. i still thanked her till very today..
 marcelle and me!! ;)

the goody bag-- yay!!
(3 pics up there i took it from her camera.. so it hers)

so she busy with her camera, and i helped her wrote everything David told us.. i mean, hell yeah that was valuable knowledge.. my handwriting pretty messy since he talked while did the demo.. but still, FUN FUN and FUNNN!!

i think it was so nice of MUFE to held this event for beauty blogger.. means they appreciate their effort and everything.. and all the MUFE team there were so nice and they even offered to held free beauty class for blogger.. woww!! that's interesting.. haha.. 

can't wait to purchase them all.. since it's still my birthday week, i still got my RIGHT for SPLURGE myself.. hell yeahhh!!!

thanks marcelle ( allthat_makeup ) for your kindness..

thanks Make Up Forever to held this beautiful event..

thanks David Arbid for being so cute and uber fun!! 
thanks franky ( rebzone ) for taken this awesome pic.. i stole it from your blog.. LOL!! i sat next to him on the front row.. he's a very nice person..

and thank God for the chance.. ;)

ok, it's already sounds more like an academy awards.. so, till next post.. byeee..



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  1. hai hani, nice to meet u...
    can't wait for the next ^_^