July 26, 2011



Ok 1st of all, i'm a newbie here.. I mean at makeup blog universe.. I used to have blog about med school life, more about which the nice and which the beyatch, students, nurses, even mentors.. Then i quit med school.. So here i am.. Reachin' my passion..

I love skin care and make up since i realized there was a thing called barter.. In the age of 9, i actually barter my expensive bike with a nivea lotion set.. One whole bag full of lotions, cream, etc.. To owned it, i felt so great and satisfied..Something hard to describe.. And yeah, i was grounded.. I admitted i was stupid but hey, i was just a kid.. You should blame the adult that convinced me to gave up the bike.. Right?

I used to steal my mum's makeup and lotions <body, face, etc>.. And in my teenage age, when pimples could be bitchy, i used to have kinda research on products in order to find which one was right for my skin..Esp moisturizers and face wash..

I've tried em all.. Cheap, expensive, commons, doctors.. You name it.. But my hyper oily skin beat me up severely.. Then in 2002, thank God for Clean and Clear face wash.. Cleaned my oily skin perfectly.. And i use it till very today..

Moisturizer though, could be pain in the ass.. My face is kinda weird.. At one moment, it was okay with hazeline snow.. But when i used half of the 'second' pot, my skin reacted and pimples, welcome!!.. That was weird because usually skin reacts immediately..Huh! And to fix pimples that caused by products sensitivity, mmmm damn hard and took longer time to heal!!

Then my moisturizers journey continued with la tulipe gel lotion, loreal hydrafresh, ponds, biokos, body shop and many more.. Each brand reacted exactly like hazeline.. Sobbed!

Now in my 25th, my pimples trouble is no longer bothering.. But however, my skin type became more and more confusing.. I'm still ultra oily, but in outer cheeks and few areas are very dry, but still shiny though.. I used 'heavy' moisturizer to fix the dry, then my oil produce increased like hell.. Blackhead jumped through the roof.. But when i used gel moisturizer that could get rid of the oil, my skin crack.. Then i jump to conclusion.. "is this how it felt to have combination skin?" sucks!

my whole body is a mystery.. I have a combination hair too..Oily on scalp, then very dry on the hair..Fix one prob, then the others got worse..Story of my life..

Desperate, i went to hunt again..Finding what's best for this 'situation'.. Thank God, i'm a magazine freak..And one day there was an article about dry and how to moist without gettin' oily.. So the answer is HYDRATE..

Ya'll must be thinkin' i don't drink much.. Trust me folks, i drank as much as camels.. Ask anyone who knows me.. I used to be chubby, so when i started diet, i drink a lot to have a 'fake full idea' to my stomach.. So i wouldn't eat as much.. That habit hangs around till now.. Not the less eating though.. LOL!

Ok, so just drinking is not enough.. My skin is dehydrated.. Thats why it's not completely dried out.. So then, i went to drug store and bought my self my old pal.. Loreal Hydrafresh.. Why? Cause i've tried it before..And this product is the only one with the word 'hydrate' on it but friendly to my wallet.. =P

when i first applied it again to my skin, i was terrified that i could get another pimples trouble.. But it's been 2 months now and i am ok! Yay! So the hydration works...

So, i hope this story doesn't bored you and may help if you have the same problem..



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