July 28, 2011

As Promised.. what Lara used for my face-- B'day Post (part2)

hey again!!

so here's the products list and pics..

1st of all, on cleaned face, she putted this Miss Tangerine Brightening Cotton Primer.. this' used as primer, to prep you face and moisturize it.. felt good and have sweet aroma, so calming.. relaxed already..

next : etude precious mineral makeup essence and moistfull collagen essence-in foundation

wow.. i never feel this kinda makeup before.. used many layers already, but it felt so light and fresh.. just like wearing a great skin care but it's not.. it's makeup.. interesting stuff..!!!

then after the foundation blended nicely onto my face,  she started contour and highlighting.. my cheeks, nose, forehead, everywhere.. nothing was left behind..

contour : NYX concealer wand -- TAN

highlight : NYX concealer stick -- LIGHT
                   etude precious mineral brightener

to make it more INTENSE..  she added blush on and bronzer (body shop).. all in brown peachy tone.. cause she knows, i loveee earthy tone.. ;)

blend blend blend.. smooth it all up with etude pressed powder (left-- matte finish, right-- shiny finish)
she just combined the two..
my brain started to get tired.. tried to keep up with her, but her hands moved soooo fast.. so i need to be fully concentrated.. LOL!!

ohhh i forgot... let's talk about the EYE..
1st she used eye primer once again by etude house (proof 10 eye primer)..

 next : VOV brightly colored & waved eyeshadow..

packaging is compact, and complete from shadow to highlight.. fun!

after that, things you should NEVER forget.. EYELINER.. she used LUCIDarling by etude for my upper lash line, it was felt tip liner that's so easy to use even for amateurs in liquid eyeliner world (ME!!).. and Dior pencil eyeliner for lower lash line.. then smudged it for smokey effect..

i LOVE this fake lashes.. dunno the name.. it was short (so no  "umbrella effect") but thickened, so it still gave me intense eye look.. AWESOME!!

last but not least etude house moistfull mist.. for longer lasting makeup and more moistened makeup..

so that's it.. hope could be useful somehow.. i actually wanted to review each products specifically, but so many beauty blogger out there did that.. so i just tell you how i felt when i used all that stuff..

see you on the next blog..



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  1. Blogwalking ^^ Etude House's packaging are so cute!! ^^ I put your link on my blog yaaap!!