July 31, 2011

ACE OF BASE.... I miss them... A lot..!!

the sign

i wanna share to you.. one of my favorite band of all time.... ACE OF BASE..

the band was interesting because of the "dance" themed songs and twins sister as the vocalists... i used to like the blond girl more because she have this gorgeous green eyes.. sooo mysterious and unique.. the blond one's Lynn, and the brunette's Jenny.. ;)

never gonna say i'm sorry

 lucky love

i love all of their albums but my favorite one is the 3rd.. well because i love each and every song in that album.. simple!!

1st time i saw their video was on the mid 90's i guess.. the "All That She Wants".. and it was just like love at the 1st sight.. then i just threw all my "kindergarten" songs, and started dance all the way.. LOL!!

actually, back then my mom kinda concern because of my weird sense of music.. well. she's right.. i grew up weird.. but, creatively weird.. so it's a good thing anyway..
life is a flower

as years goes by, i think their last album was "Da Capo".. why i called 'em last while actually Ace Of Base still exist till very today?? mmm well.. because, sadly.. they replaced the twin chics with another "younger" girl.. and all of sudden all of their unique-ness and interesting factors pfffff GONE..!!! where's my chicas??? I WANT THEM BACK... pleaseeee... :'(

i am actually kinda teary by now.. missing old times.. just using my school uniform.. got home from school and just turn on TV just to find their v klip on air then shake my ass.. LOL!!

beautiful morning

ohh nooo.. they started getting old.. the 1st time i saw this v clip, my heart kinda pounding.. ohh noo.. haha.. the guys actually looked more and more younger.. what's wrong girls??

and if you noticed.. in the last 2 videos (actually their last album's), Lynn wasn't sing any lyrics.. not even do back vocals.. i don't know, but in the last two videos, she was just only smiling through the camera and Jenny do all the singing.. that was weird because in old times, they kinda balanced all the vocal arrangements even Lynn was more noticeable back then.. another WHY?! from me..

all i know that, this' the band i'd never gonna see LIVE.. SOBBED!!!! :'(

i don't know why i wrote this blog all of the sudden.. but i surely miss them '"all".. the way they used to be.. i even became more fanatic by refused to buy their latest album with the new girls.. mmm...

it's not wide i know.. i should give 'em a chance.. i'll let you know the result..

miss you jenny and lynn,.. wherever you are..


NB (4am 31072011)

ps: i know the video kinda weird.. haha.. old skool.. ;)

grab 'em from youtube years ago.. so i forgot the link.. sorry!!

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